Hurricane Relief

When 2017’s hurricane season topped records on all fronts, T‑Mobile rapid-response teams and major league fundraising kicked into high gear.

In the fall of 2017, Hurricanes Maria, Harvey and Irma did catastrophic damage to communities in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Behind the scenes, T‑Mobile teams across the country worked tirelessly to support relief and recovery efforts. In Puerto Rico, T‑Mobile stepped in the moment it was possible to mobilize cargo planes and barges to deliver desperately-needed supplies, personnel and thousands of gallons of fuel to the island. T‑Mobile provided the Federal Aviation Administration a large generator to help keep the San Juan airport open allowing for the delivery of life-saving supplies.


We also offered customers in affected areas the ability to call or text anywhere in the US for free and promoted ‘Text to Give’ mobile phone fundraising to help those impacted by the hurricanes.

To further support relief efforts, T‑Mobile pitched hurricane recovery through our partnership with Major League Baseball. We pledged $10,000 to Team Rubicon for every postseason home run, and an additional $1 every time consumers tweeted their support using #HR4HR… and doubled those numbers during the World Series.

"T‑Mobile sends additional equipment and supplies to Puerto Rico to help with Hurricane Maria recovery efforts."


This hurricane fundraising campaign resulted in $2.78 million for Team Rubicon, a nonprofit organization that offers veterans a chance to continue their service by supporting those afflicted by disasters.