Focus on

Generation T

We already changed wireless for good. Now, we’re changing our communities for good by teaching the next generation of young people about careers in technology.

We call it Generation T, T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile’s career exploration program, which invites young people from Boys and Girls Clubs of America and After-School All-Stars into our retail stores, call centers, network facilities, and business offices to get inspired about their next steps toward career success. Generation T has already impacted more than 4,900 young people and engaged more than 1,600 employees nationwide!

When we asked non-profit leaders how T-Mobile could have the greatest impact on today’s youth, they said, “Connect our youth with your people and your technology.” They want us to inspire the next generation of America’s workforce to work hard in school, so they can have a shot at great careers in the future.  And research shows that youth with ambitious career goals make better long-term career decisions. Establishing those career ambitions early in life can lead to success a decade later. By giving these young people a view of what’s possible, we’re inspiring them to aim high and start mapping out their plans for future career success.

During Generation T events, teens are exposed to wireless technology positions through hands-on job shadowing and customer interaction. Our employees teach the teens about the latest mobile technology, share their career insights, demonstrate rock star customer service, and talk about the importance of diversity in the workplace.  Teens get to participate in customer service role play, tour the back room, and demo new technologies like virtual reality. These kids leave with confidence, motivation, knowledge, and a little bit of magenta pride.