Empowering young people.

These kids are the future.

Real world, on-the-job experience is valuable. Generation T invites young people behind the scenes to learn about our business while preparing for future success.


Generation T

We’re empowering kids to take the first steps toward a career in wireless technology, helping them map out their plans for the future.

Creating education solutions.

Far too many kids still don’t have reliable access to the internet, both in school and at home. It’s called the Digital Divide. And it’s an all too real problem in America. We believe mobile access holds the power to close the "homework gap" by giving students the tools they need to plug in to 21st century learning and opportunity at any time, from anywhere.


Mobility in education

By making it easy and affordable for schools to keep students connected, we’re helping high school graduates make the leap to becoming first generation college students.

Change starts with an idea.

The Changemaker Challenge is an annual competition that empowers youth to develop creative solutions to real problems in their communities. We’ll invite the winning teams to our Changemaker Lab to fund and expand their projects.


Changemaker Challenge

We’re partnering with Ashoka to give young people a platform to make positive, long-lasting changes in their communities.