Take control of your personal data.

We collect and use personal data to help us personalize and improve your T-Mobile experience—but you also get a say in how we use your personal data. Here’s where you can learn how to manage your privacy choices, targeted ads, and more.

Submit a personal data request.

You have the ability to know about the personal data we collect and you can request to have your personal data be deleted. Here’s where you can take the steps to request access or delete your personal data that’s been collected.

What’s the “Do Not Sell” data setting?

We don’t sell personal data associated with your identity—like your name, address, banking information, or phone records. We may share identifiers that may be associated with a device to better understand our customers and improve our website.

The “Do Not Sell” setting gives you the option to opt out of certain data we share or transfer to third parties, which is considered a “sale” under California law.

You can change the “Do Not Sell” setting for your T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, or TVision accounts.

Opt-in to targeted ads and marketing.

Get ads tailored to you.

Use the AdChoices icon to get online ads that are more relevant to you.

Change your marketing preferences.

Decide how and when you receive emails and other communications from us.

Get more information about online security.

Keep your account and identity secure.

Get the information you need about protecting yourself from fraud, identity theft, and more.

Manage your family’s online safety.

Learn about features and apps created to help you keep track of your family’s digital life.