Privacy tools that keep you in control.

Data is collected for many reasons, and it can help improve your T‑Mobile experience. You trust us with your information, and we work hard to keep it secure. Here’s where you’ll find the tools to manage your privacy settings, marketing preferences, and more.

More of what you like, less of what you don’t.

If you’ve gotta see ads, you might as well enjoy them. Manage how data is used to make your ads more relevant.

Learn more about the "Do Not Sell" setting.

Like most companies, we may sell some data that doesn’t directly identify you. You can tell us not to sell this information at any time.

Choose your marketing preferences.

Decide how and when you receive communications from us. 


We use data that doesn’t directly identify you to build analytic reports, but don't worry—the reports don't reveal your personal information. You can opt out any time.

Make a personal data request.

Access and delete select pieces of data that have been collected.

Take control of your online security.

Say goodbye to scammers.

Use the Scam Shield™ app to keep your account and identity secure.

Take family privacy up a notch.

Keep an eye on what kids and teens see while browsing the web or locate a family member’s phone from your mobile device with FamilyMode.