T-Mobile Supplier Policies

At T-Mobile USA, Inc., respect and integrity guide our behavior. We are committed to getting the right results, the right way.

T‑Mobile views our Third-Parties (vendors, suppliers, dealers, subcontractors and business partners) as valued extensions of T‑Mobile's business. It is important that our Third-Parties share our goals on how to do business. We at T‑Mobile are committed to legal compliance and ethical conduct in our business dealings; and we expect our Third-Parties to share that commitment.

Supplier Code of Conduct 

Click here to read the full Supplier Code of Conduct that describes the business and employment practices T‑Mobile requires.

Supplier Policies

Enterprise Third-Party (Supplier) Information Security Standard, this standard sets forth T‑Mobile's requirements for Suppliers to take reasonable measures to implement appropriate technological and procedural controls to protect T‑Mobile's information, business interests, and reputation. Click here to read the full Enterprise Third-Party (Supplier) Information Security Standard.

Speak Up Policy, this policy states that T‑Mobile employees, suppliers and other third parties will be protected from retaliation for reporting suspected misconduct, including violations of the law, the Supplier Code of Conduct, and Supplier Policies. Click here to read the full Speak Up Policy.

Supplier Travel and Expenses Policy, outlines supplier business expenses eligible for reimbursement and provides requirements and procedures for submitting invoices, reimbursement claims and business expense reports in order to receive timely reimbursement of eligible expenses.