Certificates of Insurance

As a T-Mobile supplier, you are required to submit a certificate of insurance that meets the minimum insurance coverage levels per your contractual requirements prior to commencing services or delivering deliverables.

To do so, you must submit your certificate of insurance electronically to our insurance compliance administration provider, 
Ebix, Inc. (external) , using one of the following methods:

  • Fax: (770) 238-1669


After using one of these methods, do not send the certificate by mail.

In the event there are discrepancies between the provided certificate of insurance and your contractual agreement, you will be asked to reconcile the differences and/or submit an additional certificate that meets the required insurance coverage levels.

Do not send your certificate of insurance to T-Mobile as it will not be accepted.

Suppliers associated with Legal services, Tax, Rents, or Leases are not eligible to participate in this program and should consult with their business or legal contact regarding the submission of their certificate.  

Supplier Support

  • For specific mandatory insurance coverage requirements, refer to your contracted agreement or contact your procurement business relationship manager