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Finding the Best iPhone Upgrade Program for You

You love your iPhone but it's time to upgrade to something new. Whether you're the type that always craves the latest and greatest, or you've been holding on to your iPhone for years, we'll help you find the right upgrade program to fit your needs.
Three iPhones in a free fall state.

Maybe your old iPhone has seen better days. Or perhaps the newest, shiniest generation of devices always seem to catch your eye. Either way, you're ready for an upgrade. But before you start shopping for a new phone, it's important to know about all the T-Mobile iPhone upgrade programs available to you. We’ll break down the different types and help you find one that'll put you on the fast-track to a brand-new phone!

What is the T-Mobile iPhone upgrade program?

There's no one single iPhone upgrade program at T-Mobile. In fact, there are several different programs you may be eligible for. Whether you're a long-time customer, a relatively new customer, or you're thinking about switching to T-Mobile from another carrier, you'll find a program that works for you. Let's get started with our Go5G plans.

How does an iPhone upgrade work with T-Mobile Go5G plans?

Our Go5G plans offer perks and upgrades to both new and existing customers. Each plan has benefits that give you the freedom to upgrade in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Go5G Next =  freedom to upgrade every year

Can't bear to look at your phone unless it has all the latest bells and whistles? Go5G Next is a plan that allows you the freedom to upgrade your iPhone yearly.

How to upgrade your iPhone with Go5G Next

With this plan, you'll be upgrade-ready as often as every year when you have or activate a voice line on Go5G Next, open a new financing agreement and stay on that agreement for at least six months. With Go5G Next you can also take advantage of any eligible phone promotions with your yearly upgrade at the time of your upgrade. And new and existing customers always get the same great phone deals! Here’s what to do:

  1. Switch to Go5G Next.
  2. Score the latest 5G phone on T-Mobile’s no-interest phone payment plan (EIP) with any eligible offer.
  3. Once you’ve paid off half your phone, you’re eligible to upgrade! In most cases, customers are upgrade-ready every single year or sooner.
  4. Simply trade in your old phone (T-Mobile pays off your remaining Equipment Installment Plan!) and upgrade to the latest phone on a new EIP.

Go5G Plus = freedom to upgrade every two years

If you love having a new phone but don't need one every year, Go5G Plus is for you. Go5G Plus allows you to be upgrade-ready every two years. Just like the Go5G Next plan, new and existing customers always get the same great deals.

How to upgrade your iPhone with Go5G Plus

  1. Switch to Go5G Plus.
  2. Get the T-Mobile New in Two promise that you'll always have 24-month financing options for new device purchases*.
  3. Now, you’ll be upgrade-ready every two years, unlike other carriers that may only offer 3-year financing.

Do you get free phone lines with the Go5G Next or Go5G Plus plans?

Go5G plans do not offer free lines. Any previous free lines will get billed at a discounted rate. However, there are plenty of perks. In addition to being upgrade-ready every year or two with Go5G Next or Go5G Plus, here are a few other benefits:

  • Unlimited Premium Data
  • Apple TV+ and Netflix ON US
  • 50GB of high-speed hotspot data
  • Free in-flight Wi-Fi, streaming, and messaging where available
  • 15GB of high-speed data in Canada & Mexico included
  • 5GB High Speed in 215+ countries
  • Taxes & Fees Included

Forever Upgrade program

The Forever Upgrade program is not available for enrollment anymore. However, you may still be eligible for an upgrade if you happened to enroll in the legacy program September 17, 2021-November 1, 2021. If you are part of the Forever Upgrade program, you can upgrade your device every two or more years. For more information about the discontinued program, visit our Support page for Forever Upgrade.

JUMP! Upgrade Program

If you aren't eligible for Forever Upgrade or haven’t enrolled in a Go5G plan yet, you may be able to use JUMP! to get that shiny new iPhone. Here’s how it works:

How to upgrade your iPhone with JUMP!

  1. Trade in your eligible device.
  2. T-Mobile will cover your remaining device payments up to half of your device cost - no waiting.
  3. Using the T-Mobile P360 feature, you can use JUMP! to purchase a new phone with 24-month financing after you have paid 50% of your current device off.

How do I know if I am eligible for an upgrade with T-Mobile?

To find out if you're eligible for an upgrade soon, or to see if you have any free phone offers available, simply sign into your account or get the T-Mobile app to check your plans, add-ons, and benefits.

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*New in Two is not a new trade-in program or free phone offer for Go5G Plus customers. Additionally, it does not change the financing agreement you may currently have tied to your devices. Instead, it is a guarantee that after you pay off your current device, any devices you purchase while on Go5G Plus will have 24-month financing options.