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Have the freedom to upgrade your phone every year with Yearly Upgrade!

Yearly Upgrade overview

  • Yearly Upgrade is an upgrade program that allows you to upgrade as soon as every year. 
  • If you aren’t on the Yearly Upgrade program yet, you will need to switch to an eligible plan that includes Yearly Upgrade.
  • Once you are on the program, it just requires that you:
    • Purchase a new phone on T-Mobile’s no-interest phone payment plan (EIP) with any eligible offer.
    • Remain on that installment plan for at least six months.
    • Pay off 50% of the cost of the phone and trade in your device in good working condition.
  • T-Mobile will cover your remaining device payments, up to half of your device cost, and you can take advantage of available promotions and upgrade to the latest phone on a new EIP! 
  • With Yearly Upgrade, you are guaranteed the same great phone deals as a new customer joining Go5G Next.


Eligible plans for the Yearly Upgrade benefit

  • Consumer plans: Go5G Next, Go5G Next Military, Go5G Next First Responders, Go5G Next 55, Go5G Next Puerto Rico, Go5G Next DHH
  • Business plans: Go5G Business Next, Go5G Military Business Next, Go5G First Responder Business Next, Go5G DHH Business Next

Forever Upgrade customers only


On December 7, 2023, Forever Upgrade was replaced with Yearly Upgrade. Customers who were enrolled in Forever Upgrade on an eligible rate plan received a Yearly Upgrade add-on feature. The Yearly Upgrade add-on feature is not available for new enrollments.

These customers qualify for the Yearly Upgrade add-on feature while they maintain an eligible plan, including Go5G Plus, Go5G Next, Magenta MAX, Sprint MAX, or other equivalent rate plan such as Magenta Plus, ONE Plus, or Business Unlimited Ultimate, including all 55+, First Responder, Military, and Business plan versions. Select premium add-on features such as MAXUp, PlusUp, Unlimited for All Plus, and Unlimited for All Premium are also eligible. This feature is not available for new enrollments.


How to start upgrading every year

Redeem Yearly Upgrade via the T-Mobile App or My T-Mobile

If you’re upgrading from My T-Mobile or the T-Mobile App, you can find out when you’re eligible to upgrade or how to become eligible through the EIP Dashboard, the Upgrade Dashboard, or when you’re selecting a new phone!
  1. Log in to T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile.
  2. Select the line you want to upgrade. 
  3. Look for the Yearly Upgrade section and click Upgrade Today.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade. When you are in SHOP, it will indicate that you are performing a Yearly Upgrade.

Redeem Yearly Upgrade via Retail or Customer Service

Redeem your Yearly Upgrade in any T-Mobile store or at the T-Mobile kiosk in Costco.

  • Other national retailers, such as Walmart, Apple, or, will not be able to redeem your Yearly Upgrade.
  • Business customers on Go5G Business Next plans can redeem in T-Mobile stores, or call Customer Support.


Status change notices for Yearly Upgrade 

If you received a Yearly Upgrade status change notice, this means you’ve recently made a change to your rate plan that no longer qualifies for a Yearly Upgrade.

  • In order to qualify for your Yearly Upgrade benefit, you must remain on an eligible Go5G Next plan.
  • To re-enroll, change your rate plan back to an eligible Go5G Next plan within 30 days to keep your Yearly Upgrade benefit on your current open EIP.


Review your current plan and benefits


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