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Family Allowances® enables you to manage allowed numbers, minutes, messages, and downloads for all lines on your account. Family Allowance settings do not work over Wi-Fi or with Wi-Fi calling.

Add Family Allowances to your account

If you're the Primary Account Holder, you can add Family Allowances to your account for a small monthly fee. Learn how to change your services.


Family Allowances options

Parent Line

  • By default the Parent Line is the Primary Account Holder.
  • After adding Family Allowances, you can designate a Parent Line in the Family Controls section of your account profile.
  • The Parent Line and the Primary Account Holder are both authorized to manage allowances for all account lines.
  • The other family members (managed lines) on your account can view their individual allowances, but they don't have permissions to change allowance settings.

Whenever Minutes®

  • Shows the amount spent on calls per account line for the current billing cycle.
  • You can set a talk time limit for all calls, except for Always Allowed® numbers which can be reached anytime.


  • Shows the total number of messages sent and received per account line for the current billing cycle.
  • You can set the number of text messages a line can receive and send.


  • Shows the amount spent on downloads per account line for the current billing cycle.
  • Use a current allowance to specify the amount of money allowed to spend on any downloads games, apps, and more.
  • Billing purchases from the Play Store or App Store to your T-Mobile account is blocked while Family Allowances is active. You can still use a credit card or prepaid card to purchase from these stores.


  • You can allow or block when your children managed lines can use their devices during preset time periods, such as during school , during homework or dinner time, or when they should be sleeping.
  • The preset time slots are based on when most people commonly use their phones.
  • Managed lines can always send and receive calls and messages to and from Always Allowed numbers, even after allowances are reached or during blocked times.

Allowed and not allowed numbers

  • Add a maximum of 10 numbers to each list. The following don't count toward the 10-number maximum: 411, 611, and 911.
  • Use Always Allowed numbers to always allow calls and messages from specific numbers regardless of restrictions or allowance limits.
  • Don't forget to add your voicemail-retrieval number as an Always Allowed number for lines with allowances or restrictions, so voicemail as an outbound call can be accessed regardless of allowances or restrictions.
  • Use Never Allowed® numbers to always block calls and messages from a specified list of 10-digit numbers.
  • You can also select to block 411 information, which only restricts dialing 411 and doesn't restrict dialing any 800 numbers for directory assistance.
  • You can't add international numbers to the Always Allowed or Never Allowed lists.


  • All Family Allowances settings work on your account while roaming in T-Mobile's network.
  • If you're roaming off of T-Mobile's network, all Family Allowance settings won't work and standard roaming charges apply.


Manage Family Allowances

To manage your Family Allowances, click the button below.

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