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The Timex FamilyConnect smartwatch for kids makes it easy to know if your family is safe, secure, and accessible.

About Timex FamilyConnect

  • The watch is designed for kids, so it's easy to use. A parent or guardian just needs to install the FamilyConnect app on their phone.
  • Call, instant message, & voice message between the watch and the parent app using a private, secure network.
  • Security is the number one priority. So if you're not added as a contact or guardian, you can't contact the watch.
  • With one button on the watch, you can send an SOS to the primary caregiver and let them know assistance is needed.
  • SafeZones let you know if the watch enters/leaves specific areas.
  • Take on the day with a step counter, daily schedules, School Mode, to-do lists, and games!
    An image of the Timex FamilyConnect watch on the watch charger


Get help

Troubleshooting guide

  1. Make sure your Timex FamilyConnect watch is fully charged. It takes about three hours for a full charge.
    • The light on the charger glows amber when charging and green when charged.
    • If the light on the charger flashes amber, check the following:
      • Make sure the gold contacts on the back of the watch and cradle are aligned.
      • Check that the power cable is securely attached and plugged into a working outlet.
    • If the battery is completely drained and the device doesn't power on:
      • Charging will take longer and the LED will glow red instead of amber.
      • You won't be able to determine the % charged on the screen until you've charged for about 10 minutes.
      • Once the watch reaches 10%, it will turn back on automatically.
  2. Press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds to force it to restart.
  3. Make sure you're using the watch in a T-Mobile 4G LTE coverage area. Timex FamilyConnect is locked to the T-Mobile network and cannot be unlocked to use on other networks.
  4. Make sure you have the app set up correctly with things like location updates and school mode. Check out Using your Timex FamilyConnect to learn how.
  5. You can gain quick access to some settings, like volume control, by swiping down on the watch face.
  6. Before giving the device to someone else to use, make sure you remove the watch from your account. Check out Using your Timex FamilyConnect to learn how.
  7. When a customer is doing a factory reset, the PIN/CODE the device requests is the last 4 digits of the device's IMEI they are resetting.


Tech Specs

  • Battery: 370 mAh battery, 48 hour standby / 2 hours talk / ~26 normal usage
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n (used for location only, not for data)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1 (headset pairing only, won't pair with a phone/tablet)
  • Network: LTE bands 2/4/12
  • Location: GPS, Cellular, Wi-Fi


Common questions

Why is the fastest location update only 15 minutes?

We placed a limit on the Location Update feature because it turns on functions in the device that consume a lot of power and deplete the battery more quickly. GPS reception by the device combined with transmitting the location information via the cellular network consumes that power. In order to ensure that the battery will last longer, automatic updates can only be done in as little as 15-minute increments. All cellular-connected devices have this limitation due to a tradeoff between battery life and the size of the battery (and the size of the device). At any time, you can manually update the location. 

Is there a way to immediately update the location information for real-time status?

The device’s location is updated anytime the Parent or Guardian(s) goes to the map in the Timex FamilyConnect mobile app. Selecting “Refresh Location” while on the map will also trigger the system to refresh the device’s location. The device can also refresh its location by selecting the “pin” on the first apps page and then choosing SEND on the screen.

Why are the notifications that my child entered or exited from a Safe Zone not instantaneous? 

To conserve battery life, the device only sends its location to the system at the frequency selected in device settings on the Timex FamilyConnect mobile app. The notification of the entry or exit from a Safe Zone may be delayed by up to the location update period (15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes).

What other reasons may delay Safe Zones notifications or create erroneous messages?

Connectivity issues can delay notifications, where a building’s construction can affect cellular service. If the device enters or exits a safe zone during the time when it is not actively communicating with the server, an inaccurate update may occur when the connection is re-established between the device and server. If the device cannot use GPS or Wi-Fi to establish location, its use of cell tower data can provide a large “circle of uncertainty”. This large circle, as much as one mile in diameter, can make the device appear as if it has left a safe zone.

How accurate is the location tracking of the device?

The accuracy of location is a function of the technology (Wi-Fi, GPS, and/or cell tower) available to the device and utilized by the Timex FamilyConnect service to locate the device. On the map view of the Timex FamilyConnect mobile app, the approximate accuracy of the device’s location is shown by a grey “circle of uncertainty” around the child’s location pin.

GPS is the most accurate locating technology, usually showing results within 50 feet of the actual location. Wi-Fi also has a high level of accuracy. If the device cannot use GPS or Wi-Fi for location, it uses the cell tower. Unfortunately, the large “circle of uncertainty” from a cell tower-only location can be about a mile in size on the map.

What happens if we travel outside of the US? Will the device work overseas?

This device is designed to only work in the US, Canada and Mexico on the T-Mobile network and our roaming partners.

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