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Add descriptions

Adding descriptions to the services associated with mobile numbers allows you to identify users, cost centers, or whatever matters most to your business.

  • Adding service descriptions allows you to customize the information available in your I-Billing hierarchy to even better mirror your organization.
  • Service descriptions can be added as columns in Detail Reports, and you can use them to group Summary Reports.
  • Service descriptions are above and beyond the descriptions already entered in the node name, the description, and the General Ledger (GL) code entered at the time of building your hierarchy.


Add service descriptions

  1. Select Edit Levels under "Hierarchies."
  2. Select Services from the "Display" drop-down.
  3. To edit descriptions, select the rows you would like to add descriptions to and click Edit Descriptions.
  4. Add the applicable descriptions to each of the services in the Description 1 and 2 fields and click Save.


Add phone number descriptions

  1. Click Phone Numbers under "Descriptions."
  2. Select Add phone numbers.
  3. Enter the mobile number and applicable descriptions in each field and click Save.


Add multiple phone number descriptions

  1. Click Phone Numbers under "Descriptions."
  2. Select Import Descriptions.
  3. Click Choose file and select the file saved to your computer.
  4. Click Open > Ok.
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