We changed the game. Now let’s celebrate Game Changers everywhere.

What’s a Game Changer?  It’s a play that changes the momentum, breaks the game wide open and re-decides the entire outcome—kind of like we’ve done with the wireless game.

The old wireless game was rigged—trapping you in a two-year service contract with the same device and making you scared to surf, thanks to huge data overage fees. Not cool.  We’ve already changed all that, bringing you:

  • The fastest nationwide 4G LTE network
  • No annual service contracts
  • No upgrade limits
  • No roaming charges for data in 120+ countries and destinations

And we’re just getting warmed up.  Want even more reasons to switch?

Stay on top of the game with free 4G LTE data.

MLB is one of the most digitally followed sports out there.  To keep up with it all, your tablet should work where you are.  We think it’s time you un-leashed from the chains of Wi-fi.

For a limited time, when you add a tablet to your voice plan, we'll match the data plan of the largest voice line on your account (up to 5 GB) for only $10 per month—all with no annual service contracts or data overages. 

Qualifying postpaid phone line req’d. Data match continues for 12 mos. after promo ends.

When you switch and trade in your device.

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We’ve upgraded upgrades

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Reaching over 200 million people and counting

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