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The maps on your phone are crucial for getting around new places. If they aren't loading or locating you, try these steps.


Read me first

 Before following the steps below, ensure the following:

 When turning on GPS initially, it can take up to five minutes for the phone to find your location. If you need help with doing anything on the device, visit the Devices page, select your device, and find the steps.

 Check your Domestic data roaming for the month. Your maps will only download when you are on the T-Mobile network.

 In the web browser, open a few web pages to check your Internet connection. If there is no Internet, follow No Internet instead.

 Update the device software to the latest version.


GPS maps & navigation problems

  1. Turn on GPS in device settings and go outside, where you have a clear view of the sky. Stay outdoors while troubleshooting and testing.
  2. Remove any cases or covers.
  3. Install all available updates from your app store and restart the device:
    Google Maps (Android)
    Apple Maps (iOS)
  4. If you're still having problems, perform a master reset.

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