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Security locks keep unwanted users out of your phone, but may accidentally keep you out, too.

Read me first

 If you are receiving SIM card or PUK errors, see SIM Cards.

 If you are trying to unlock your device to use with other carriers see T-Mobile device unlock.

 This page will help you with issues with PIN, passcode, fingerprint, and facial recognition locks.


Unable to unlock your device

  1. Turn off Bluetooth. If you can't, turn off all connected Bluetooth devices.
  2. Make sure your password or PIN locks is entered correctly. For example, make sure caps lock is off.
  3. For fingerprint recognition:
    • Clean and dry the fingerprint scanner and your finger.
    • Use the same finger that you used at setup.
    • Touch and hold the sensor. If you tap quickly, it may not have time to see your finger.
  4. Do not have any security features like Find my Device or Find my Mobile activated.
  5. Tap and enter your Backup PIN or Forgot Password if available.
  6. Android devices:
    1. Log into the device's connected Gmail on a computer. If that fails, see Google Account Help
    2. When prompted, tap Forgot Pattern on the lock screen.
    3. Enter your Gmail username and password.
    4. Record your new pattern.
  7. Apple devices see Apple Support.
  8. BlackBerry devices: After the 10 failed attempts the device prompts you to type blackberry, which wipes the device.
  9. If your device is still locked, under System & Settings in your Device​​ find the reset page and perform a master reset using the hardware keys.
  10. For Android and Apple devices, try to sign in to your account again. If you still cannot sign in, create a new account or contact the provider.


Still need help?

If your still can't unlock your device, use another phone or one of our online options to contact us.

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