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Disclaimer: This page is used as a guide for the MultiLine self-onboarding process, large or complex accounts should work with their Account Executive to engage our Implementations team.

MultiLine users will use the Management Portal website to manage their user base.

Step 1: MultiLine Welcome email

MultiLine users use the Management Portal website to manage their user base, control the MultiLine Environment and App Experience.

  • A welcome email was sent to your email address from
  • Subject Line: Welcome, T-Mobile MultiLine Administrator
  • You will need this email to kick off account activation.
  • Login credentials are provided within this welcome email.
  • You must use the same email address the “Welcome, T-Mobile MultiLine Administrator” email was sent to through the activation process.
  • Tips: If you cannot locate your Welcome Email, check junk/spam folders as the email may have been blocked.
  • For video how-to instructions, open How-To Videos for MultiLine Admins.

If you are still unable to locate your MutliLine Welcome email, please set up time to talk with one of our Implementation Specialist for onboarding support.

Step 2: Login

  1. Open the portal link.
  2. Enter the provided username and password and select Login.
  3. Enter a new password in Set New Password and Confirm Password and select Save.
    • When redirected to the "Welcome" page, enter the username and password you set to complete logging in.
    • To help reduce unwanted calls, please register your number with the US Government Do Not Call database.
  4. Log back in and rename your account in the portal from the default MCCID value assigned to your company’s name.
  5. Click the drop down in the upper right corner and select Sub-Organizations.
    1. Click Edit on the next screen.
    2. Replace the MCCID number in the "Name" field with your company’s name.
    3. Press the Save button.

Step 3: Customize Your Mobile App

To get started, go to Branding in the Setup tab.

  • App Theme: Add your logo and branding colors.
  • About Us screen: Add your logo and social accounts.
  • FAQ screen: Add your own questions and answers with information your MultiLine users may need.
  • Customer Care screen: Add your MultiLine Administrator phone number and email address so that users can get help from you.

Customize the App Theme


To edit your "Mobile App Theme", go to Branding, Mobile App, then Theme. You can customize:

  • Theme Background Color: Customizes the background color of the app screens.
  • Floater Background Color: Customizes the background color of the dial pad app badge.
  • Theme Text Color: Customizes the color of the text/dial pad floater's 'digits'.
  • Custom Logo: Must be 480 x 160 pixels.
    • If your logo is larger than 480 x 160 pixels, you will be prompted to use the in-app image cropper to fit the logo to size.
    • If your logo is below 480 x 160 pixels, you will be prompted to select a larger image.

Customize the About Us screen


To customize your "About Us Page", go to Branding, Mobile App, then About Us.

  • Logo must be 300 x 150 pixels.
  • If your logo is larger than 300 x 150 pixels, you will be prompted to use the in-app image cropper to fit the logo to size.
  • If your logo is below 300 x 150 pixels, you will be prompted to select a larger image.
  • File size cannot be more than 25kb.

Edit questions or answers for FAQs

  1. Edit the default 'fill-ins' for both the Questions and Answers.
  2. Select the + by a question to view its respective answer.

Add questions for FAQs

  1. Select ADD.
  2. Select "Language" and "Device OS" to edit those values. You can find a "Preview" of the screen by MMP.

Customize the Customer Care screen


To customize your "Customer Care Page", edit the contact information in the Customer Care tab in the Branding section.

Step 4: Invite Admins

Follow these steps to grant other users access to the Management Portal to help manage MultiLine.

  1. Go to Administrator.
  2. Select Add New Administrator.
  3. Enter the details for a new administrator.
  4. Select Save.

An email will be sent to the new admins which will contain their login credentials and a system-generated password. On the first login, the administrator will be prompted to set their own password.


Assign Administrator Roles and Privileges


If you want to restrict what permissions these users have, use these instructions to create a custom Administrator Role first.

  1. Navigate to the top-most organization that you want to receive the changes.
  2. Select Administrators.
  3. Select Roles and Privileges.
  4. Select + Create Role to create a new role.

Different privileges can be assigned by checking various features under each section.

  1. Enter the name of the role into the Role Name field. When you add admins to the portal, you will assign the role based on the Role Name.
  2. Select the checkbox to assign the privileges. If single or multiple checkboxes of a section are selected, the link for that section will get highlighted in the header link.

Edit Administrator Roles


Select the pencil to edit an Admin Role.

Step 5: Invite users

  • MultiLine invitations contain user credentials and a password to use for MultiLine activation. Users must activate MultiLine on their device every time they install or reinstall the application.
  • If porting is required, the line must be ported prior to inviting the user. The ported number will reflect in the MultiLine Admin portal following successful completion. Reference Step 6 for information on Account Hub. Porting can be completed through the Account Hub portal.
  • You can add users directly in the portal, or you can upload multiple users at once using a CSV file. You can also add users and invite them to MultiLine immediately or save the information to invite them later.
  • Your MultiLine users will receive the invitation by text. A default text invitation template is provided, but instructions for customization are available at "Customize SMS Invitation Templates."

Customize SMS Invitation Templates

  1. Go to Setup and select Administration.
  2. Select Invitation Templates and then Messages.
  3. Select Edit.
    • Make any desired changes.
    • You must include the required variables.
  4. Select Preview Template to make sure that all parameters are working properly.
  5. Select Save.

List of invitation variables

Required variables for customizing the SMS invitation template
Variable name Description
{f_name} First name of the invited user.
Not required.
{l_name} Last name of the invited user.
Not required.
{sign_in_link} If the user does not have the app, clicking this link will take the user to the App or Play store. If the user already has the app, it will open the app.
Is required.

List of invitation variables


From Accounts, you can add accounts individually, or upload multiple accounts using a CSV file. Either way, first go to the Accounts tab, and then select Add Account.


Add a single account

  1. Enter the First Name and Last Name.
  2. Enter the Device # that the invitation will be sent to.
  3. Select the Assign Number link.
  4. Choose a number or tag from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the User Permissions to which to assign this number.
  6. You can choose to invite the user immediately or to invite later.
    1. Select Save and you can invite the user later.
    2. Select Save and Invite and you have invited a user.

Add multiple accounts

  1. Select the Multiple Accounts tab.
  2. Download the .CSV template from the instructions.
  3. Edit the .CSV template in your editor of choice.
    1. Fill out the details. Review the "Table of CSV values" for more information.
    2. Delete the "Note" with instructions.
  4. Return to the Multiple Accounts screen.
  5. Select from the Choose Organization drop-down, the organization for this upload.
  6. Select from the User Permissions drop-down, the User Permissions group for this upload.
  7. Select Upload and then select your CSV file.
    • If you only want to import the users, but not invite yet, select Import.
    • If you want to invite the users to get started, select Import and Invite.
    • If you do not set the primary number in the CSV, end-users will have the option to select from a short list of available numbers during MultiLine activation.

Table of CSV values

CSV values for adding multiple accounts to the user invitation
Name Description
email address or device Add the user’s phone number where they will receive their invitation to MultiLine.
Is required.
monitor_calls Auto: records calls - Off: does not record calls.
Is required.
monitor_sms On: records texts - Off: does not record texts.
Is required.
firstname Used to set user's first name.
Not required.
lastname Used to set user's last name.
Not required.
multiline_number Used to set the MultiLine number. Must be an Available number and not allocated to another organization.
Not required.

Important: Ignore any columns not documented in the CSV values table and leave them blank.


Resend invites

  1. Select the checkbox for a user.
  2. Select Resend Invite.

Step 6: Android and iOS Activation (End User) Instructions

Activating MultiLine - iOS/Android

Everything an end user needs to get started, will be sent to them via a MultiLine invitation email. They can use it to start the activation process. We recommend using the QR code for the easiest activation method.


Get your invitation


The invitation email will be sent to the end users email address. The invitation will contain a Download and Activate button, a QR code, and credentials for activating MultiLine manually. If you ever need to delete and reinstall the mobile app, you'll need this Password from the invitation to activate it. If you lose your invitation, request a new one from your IT administrator.

You have multiple options for activating MultiLine on your mobile device:

  • If you are opening your email on your phone, tap the Download and Activate button.
    • It will check if the MultiLine app is installed on your phone and begin installation if not.
    • The activation process will begin immediately.
  • If you are opening your email on a desktop PC, take out your phone camera and tap the QR code.
    • It will check if the MultiLine app is installed on your phone and begin installation if not.
    • The activation process will begin immediately. If you've already downloaded MultiLine, you can also scan the QR code using MultiLine by opening the app and granting the Camera permission.
  • If necessary, you can also activate manually by entering the details from your invitation. Click the Activate Manually link from the invitation or the first screen.
    • Read about the permissions required for the app, then tap Proceed. MultiLine does not upload, store, transmit, or sell your contacts information.
    • Confirm in the next prompts (sent from your phone) that you will allow the permissions.
      • Some users will be prompted to have a one-time PIN will be sent to your mobile device. If so, enter the number of your personal SIM (your non-MultiLine number).
      • Most of the time, this PIN will be auto detected. Tap Activate to continue. In the rare case that the PIN is not detected, try RESEND PIN or GET PIN VIA CALL or GET PIN VIA EMAIL, if the options are available.
    • Your MultiLine number will display. Tap Okay, got it to continue.

Check out these helpful videos on using the MultiLine App for iOS and Android.

Step 7: Account Hub

Use the T-Mobile for Business Account Hub to manage your lines, port / change mobile numbers, edit profiles, services, and account preferences. You will be sent a separate email with information on setting you’re your Account Hub portal. Here are a few reference documents to get you started.


Need help along the way?


Schedule time with one of our Implementation Specialists to help you with MultiLine Onboarding.

  • Account Registration
  • MultiLine Admin Portal Introduction
  • Porting your lines
  • Understanding Account Hub: T-Mobile line management, account preferences and bill management
  • Schedule time today

Once you are up and running, if you have billing or account related questions, please reach out to Business Customer Support at 1-800-375-1126. If you need Technical Support after setup, please contact T-Mobile for Business MultiLine Technical Support (24x7) at 1-833-428-1773.


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