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Get all the information you need to help you understand all the details and various sections on your T-Mobile for Business billing statements, which can also be found in the Account Hub. 


Monthly statement section

  • Includes a welcome message on your first statement. 
  • Summary of charges for the month
    • Balance from the previous bill
    • Previous total amount due
    • Last payment received (total payments received since the last invoice)
    • Credits and adjustments
    • Unpaid balance
    • Immediate charges
    • Total charges this bill
    • Plans
    • Usage charges
    • Equipment
    • Services
    • One-time charges
    • Taxes and fees
    • Total cost
  • Total amount due 
    • Due date
    • Balance
    • Charges / summary
    • Recent monthly charges comparison


Before this bill section

  • Displays payments summary.
  • Immediate balance impacting credits and adjustments will display in a separate section along with any taxes.
  • Credits and adjustments applied by bill cycle close date show as line level charges with a “Credit” notation.


Account details section

  • Account level breakdown of charges.
  • List of lines and their summary of charges and usage.


Monthly reports section

  • Highest usage costs
  • Highest plan costs
  • Monthly discounts
  • Equipment installment plans


Charges and usage section


Detailed Charges

  • Account details and taxes.
    • Charge sub-groupings
      • Plan
      • Equipment
      • T-Mobile fees and charges, and government taxes and fees
  • Plan summary box
    • Plan name and summary of plan benefits for Talk, Text, and Data can be found to the by the charge details for the associated line. This information is only available for unlimited plans.
    • Legacy plans with limited buckets will not have this information box.

Charged Usage


The charged usage section details any line charges that include:

  • Talk
  • Text
  • Data
  • T-Mobile Services and purchases
  • Third-Party Purchases

Stackable Usage

  • Breakdown of minutes pool per line.
    • Allowance
    • Usage
    • Charged usage
  • Breakdown of data pool per line.
    • Allowance
    • Usage
    • Charged usage

Usage Details


Breakdown of charges per line.

  • Talk
  • Text
  • Data


Learn more about billing settings or how to download your bill on the Account Hub billing page.

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