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About T-Mobile

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Working with T-Mobile


T-Mobile Supplier Policies

At T-Mobile USA, Inc., respect and integrity guide our behavior. We are committed to getting the right results, the right way.

T-Mobile views our Third-Parties (vendors, suppliers, dealers, subcontractors and business partners) as valued extensions of T-Mobile's business. It is important that our Third-Parties share our goals on how to do business. We at T-Mobile are committed to legal compliance and ethical conduct in our business dealings; and we expect our Third-Parties to share that commitment.

Supplier Code of Conduct 

Click here to read the full Supplier Code of Conduct that describes the business and employment practices T-Mobile requires.


Supplier Policies

Enterprise Third-Party (Supplier) Risk Management Standard, this standard sets forth T-Mobile's requirements for Suppliers to take reasonable measures to implement appropriate technological and procedural controls to protect T-Mobile's information, business interests, and reputation.

Click here to read the full Enterprise Third-Party (Supplier) Risk Management Standard.

Information Classification Standard, this standard is to define T-Mobile Information and the classification categories used to label T-Mobile Information. Classification categories vary and are defined based on the level of risk, sensitivity or importance of the information. The Information Classification Standard was developed to help ensure that T-Mobile's proprietary business information is properly classified and the protection measures applied are appropriately based on classification.

Click here to read the full Information Classification Standard.