T-Mobile Play is a free service that provides access to 90+ of today's most popular streaming channels and videos. If you're running into problems with this app, check out our troubleshooting tips.


What you can do with the T-Mobile Play app

  • Search content to get more control of what you want to watch.
  • Personalize your content channels by re-ordering them through the settings screen - just drag and drop to set your preferences.
  • Use channel genres including Kids & Family, Breaking News, Sports, Comedy, Lifestyle, and more!


What you need to use it

  • It’s available on many of the latest Android devices offered by T-Mobile. Check the Preinstalled Apps page in the Device space to check availability.
  • Download the T-Mobile Play app from the Google Play Store and Apple App store.
  • Periodic app updates are also delivered through the Apple App Store app and Google Play store.


How to use your app

Watch videos

  1. Tap the T-Mobile Play app icon from your list of apps. Android device shortcut: swipe right from the Home screen and tap T-Mobile.
  2. Swipe up and down to view your recommended videos. The more you watch, the better recommended content you'll get!
  3. Tap on an item to watch the video.
  4. When watching a video, tap the little square in the bottom right or turn your device sideways for full screen.

Set up Restricted mode

Turn on Restricted Mode to see content suitable for all ages and audiences.

  1. In the T-Mobile Play app, tap the Settings Gear (found in the menu navigation).
  2. Tap Restricted Mode, then tap the toggle to turn it on or off.

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