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If you  forget the security code or never created one, follow these steps:


Important: The Nokia® 2760 /  3555 / 5310 / 5610 / 6263 / 6301 / 7510 phones do not have a default Security  Code preset. If performing a function that requires the security code, you must  create one. When setting up the security code, it is highly recommended that it  be set to 12345. This allows you to have the 'default' Nokia security code  programmed in the phone. If you prefer another security code, please save it for  later use.


Never created / do not know security  code

Review the following information:

  • The default security code is 12345 for most Nokia  phones.
  • If you enter an incorrect security code five times in succession, the  phone ignores further entries of the code.
  • Wait for five minutes and enter the code again.
  • Note that there is no approved Master Security Code generator available  at this time from Nokia.

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