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Learn how to share your mobile internet with other devices using the T-Mobile Hotspot. Explore our hotspot options for internet on the go and learn about the difference between personal mobile hotspots and portable hotspot devices.

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Hotspot network name (SSID) & password

  • The hotspot network name (SSID) is the name of the Wi-Fi network you'll need to connect to.
  • The default hotspot network name (SSID) and password can be found inside the back panel of your mobile hotspot by removing the back cover and battery.
  • You can change the SSID and password using the WebUI Manager


Turn on / off

Turn on

  1. Hold the Power button for 3 seconds until all LED indicators illuminate.
  2. Wait for the Network and Wi-Fi Indicators to come on, one at a time.
  3. When the Network and Wi-Fi icons light up, the Wi-Fi connection is enabled.

Turn off

  1. Hold the Power button for 3 seconds until all LED indicators turn off.
  2. The Network and Wi-Fi connections have been disabled.


Connect to the hotspot

To connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to your hotspot for internet access, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure your hotspot is turned on.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID).
  3. Enter the Wi-Fi Password. 
  4. Refer to the Hotspot WebUI Manager or the Quick Start Guide if you need to change your hotspot Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) or Wi-Fi Password. 


USB tethering

To connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to the mobile hotspot using a USB-C cable instead of using the Wi-Fi network follow these steps.

  1. Make sure your mobile hotspot is on and has an active data connection.
  2. Connect one end of the USB C cable to the hotspot and the other end to your device.
  3. Your device will detect a network connection via USB automatically.
  4. Check your connection by visiting a website.

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