Although we all like to stay connected and leave our phones on, you can improve its performance just by restarting it at least once a week.


Network benefit

  • From time to time, phones may lose connection with the T-Mobile network, just like your computer can lose connection to a wireless network.
  • Restarting forces the phone to reconnect, which helps with network and connectivity problems.

Software benefit

  • Phone performance also benefits from clearing the memory. Typically, apps continue running in the background, which may cause battery drain, slowness, heat, and other conflicts.
  • Restarting can clear memory, apps, and conflicts.

Additional benefits

  • Battery drain
  • Calling issues
  • Heat
  • Low or no signal
  • Low memory problems (force close errors, memory errors, crashing, freezing)
  • Messaging issues
  • Slow data
  • Wi-Fi Calling connectivity

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