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Check out the info below for info on how to set up your non T-Mobile iPhone or iPad.

Things to know

  • The iPhone 5c, 5s, and newer iPhones from other US carriers and Apple stores are compatible with the T-Mobile 2G/3G/4G/LTE networks.
  • Some features may not work on T-Mobile's network when using unofficially unlocked iPhones. Software updates may re-lock these devices as well.
  • Assistance with unlocking your non T-Mobile iPhone or iPad cannot be provided for non T-Mobile devices.
  • Sprint iPhones may be difficult to unlock and may not work on T-Mobile's network. Be sure to contact Sprint before purchasing or porting Sprint iPhones.
  • You can visit T-Mobile store​ for activation of iPads purchased at Apple stores or other retail locations..

Setting up your iPhone or iPad

  1. Check your iPhone compatibility with T-Mobile by visiting the Apple site to see the supported networks for your device.
  2. Check to see if your device supports the T-Mobile network frequencies.
  3. Use the online SIM checker to check which SIM card you need for your non-T-Mobile device. For iPads, see for the correct SIM card.
  4. Set up and configure your device to work on the T-Mobile network. See First use configuration and device activation: iPhone‌ for steps.
    • Once a T-Mobile SIM card is placed into your iPhone or iPad, it should automatically install the latest Carrier Update.
    • This will configure your device to connect to the T-Mobile network.
  5. Use the T-Mobile Internet and MMS settings: Apple iPhone page to manually set up your device if you have trouble installing the Carrier update.

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