It’s official! T-Mobile & Sprint have merged!
Sprint support pages are available for existing Sprint accounts here. If you are looking for more, visit our Migration Center.

The T-Mobile REVVL delivers premium features at an affordable price. Check out the details below to get started using your new device.


In the box

The T-Mobile REVVL comes with everything you need to begin enjoying your new device.

  • T-Mobile REVVL
  • USB sync/charge cable
  • AC adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety and Warranty information


Buttons and icons

There's a lot that you can do with their new devices, so here's a quick glance of some basic items:




Device tutorials and user guide

No matter what you want to do with their new devices, we have plenty of resources available to help you get on your way.


First-time use

When you first turn on your new device, you may see a setup wizard to help get started. Take a look at the steps below to begin the setup process.


  1. Ensure the Battery and SIM card are inserted.
  2. When setting up the device for the first time, the screen may appear dark. This can be adjusted after you have completed the initial device setup.
  3. At the 'Welcome' screen, choose your preferred language, then tap GET STARTED.
  4. On the 'Cellular data' screen, make sure that data access is enabled, then tap NEXT.
  5. Select Keep your apps & data, or Set up as new to begin setting up your device. If you choose to keep your apps and data you will need to go through additional steps to bring your data from another device or Google account.
  6. If available, connect to your available Wi-Fi network.
  7. Enter your phone number or Google account details to begin logging into your Google account. If you don't have a Google account, tap Or create a new account.
  8. Tap ACCEPT to agree to Google's terms of service and Privacy policy.
  9. At the 'Google services' screen, tap the additional settings that you may want to use/not use. When you have selected the additional settings, tap NEXT.
  10. Tap Add fingerprint to begin securing your phone with this additional security feature.
  11. Select from the following options:
    • Fingerprint + Pattern
    • Fingerprint + PIN
    • Fingerprint + Password
  12. Tap Require Pattern/PIN/Password to start the device or tap No Thanks.
  13. Enter your pattern, PIN or password, then tap Continue.
  14. Confirm the pattern, PIN or password, then tap Ok.
  15. Locate the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, then tap NEXT.
  16. Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone to begin recording your fingerprint.
  17. Once you have recorded your fingerprint, you can add another, or tap NEXT.
  18. Select any additional apps that you may want to log into at this time. If there are none, tap Set up later.
  19. Tap Finish.
  20. At the 'Device Data collection' screen, select to agree or disagree, then tap NEXT.
  21. Tap Accept or Decline to T-Mobile's issue Assist.
  22. Tap Accept or Decline to T-Mobile's Personalization Offers.
  23. Your device is now ready for use.


Transferring data

  1. Sign into you Google account on the old phone select the options to back up.
  2. You can install Google Photos on both devices for easy photo transfer.
  3. Move the SIM card from your old phone to the new one if they are the same size. If they are not the same size, use the SIM card that came with the new phone. 
  4. Follow the setup wizard and sign into the same Google account you used for previous phone when prompted.


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