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Learn about the Samsung Smart Switch app for Android 4.3 and later. For Android 4.2 and earlier, use Samsung Kies for Android devices.


App features

  • Samsung Smart Switch makes it easy to transfer your content to your new Galaxy device. Transfer content from Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices.
    • Samsung Smart Switch app isn't compatible with iOS 9.0. The Smart Switch for PC app moves content from an iOS 9.0 device to a new Samsung Android device.
  • Transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars, and more.
  • Available as both an Android app, and as a Windows-based computer app.

Note: This app is preloaded on the Settings menu of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.


App requirements

Samsung Galaxy device with Android 4.3 or later


How to guides

The following steps are for the Smart Switch Windows-based computer app. To learn more about the Samsung Smart Switch app for Android, see Samsung Support.


Watch: How to use Samsung Smart Switch


Download Smart Switch

  1. Review Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer Contacts, Music and More for instruction to use Samsung Smart Switch.
  2. Download the most recent version of Smart Switch from Samsung Smart Switch. (Select the Smart Switch version compatible with your computer operating system and device.)
  3. Double-click the installer to begin the installation process.
  4. Accept the license agreement by selecting the I accept... check boxes and then click Next.
  5. When the installation is complete, click Finish.

Create a backup

  1. Connect your Samsung device to your computer using the cable that came with the device.
  2. On the Smart Switch screen, click MORE.
  3. Click Preferences and then select the Backup items tab.
  4. Select the content types you would like to back up and then click OK.
  5. Click Backup on the main Smart Switch screen.
  6. Click Confirm when the backup is complete.

Transfer files between your computer and an SD card

  1. Download and install the version Samsung Smart Switch that is compatible with your computer from Samsung.
  2. Using the USB cable that came with your device, connect the device to the computer.
  3. Allow your computer to install any required drivers for your device.
  4. Open Smart Switch on your computer, and allow it to make the connection.
  5. On your computer, choose Open folder to view files > OK.
  6. In the Removable Disk window, choose Open folder to view files > OK. Locate the folder containing the files that you want to move.
  7. Locate the files that you want to move.
  8. Cut or copy the files, and then paste them in the new location on your computer or SD card.


Update device software version

Follow the device requirements on the software update document, along with the following:

  • Use a Samsung USB cable.
  • Back up your data before completing the update.

To update

  1. Connect the mobile device to the computer with the USB cable.
  2. Open Smart Switch on your computer. If a software update is available for your device, Smart Switch automatically prompts you to update.
  3. Click Update to begin downloading the necessary files.
  4. Click OK to proceed. Your device may turn off and on a few times during the update process. When the update is complete, the device returns to the Home screen.

During the update

  • Don't use the device or press any keys.
  • Don't remove the battery.
  • Don't turn off the device.
  • Don't disconnect the USB cable until the update is complete.
  • You can't place a call during the update; not even an emergency call.



For help troubleshooting problems with the Samsung Smart Switch app, contact Samsung.

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