Learn how to read the liquid damage indicator (LDI) on the Samsung Galaxy A10e. The liquid damage indicator is an indicator that can be found in all phones, that changes colors upon contact with liquid. If the LDI has been tripped, this will void your manufacturers warranty.


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  1. Remove the SIM/SD card tray from the device.
  2. Once the tray has been removed, look into the slot of the phone where the tray would have been inserted. You will see a little sticker on the inside.
  3. Review the image below to identify what the color of your LDI sticker means.
  • Not tripped indicates that there has been no liquid damage
  • Tripped LDI indicates that the phone has been in contact with liquid and voids the manufacturers warranty
  • Removed LDI indicates that the LDI has been peeled off and removed from the device. When this happens, the manufacturers warranty is also void.

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