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Learn how to use the task manager and free up memory on the LG Aristo 4+.




Manage memory


Restart device regularly

You should restart your phone at least once per day.


  1. Press and hold the Power/Lock key.
  2. Tap Power off and Restart > RESTART.


Reduce memory use

Animated widgets and widgets that update information use the most memory. If your phone is running slow, you can disable/remove them:

  • Remove widgets
    1. From the desired home screen, touch and hold on the widget.
    2. Drag the widget over the Trash can icon and release your finger.
  • Remove unused home screens
    1. From any home screen, long-tap the home screen.
    2. Touch and hold apps and widgets then drag them to another home screen.
    3. Once you remove all apps and widgets from a screen, it will automatically delete.


Manage apps to keep your device running smoothly.

  • Use Manage apps to update apps, clear app cache and data, recent apps, and uninstall an app.
  • Never install a third-party Task Manager or Battery Manager. These apps interfere with how device software works.
  • Research and monitor new apps that you install.
    • Read app reviews before installing. Not all apps run smoothly on phones. Read customer reviews before downloading an app to see if it has a history of not working properly.
    • If your device starts having problems after installing an app, consider uninstalling the app. (See Manage apps)
  • Keep applications updated
    1. From you apps list, tap Play Store.
    2. Tap the Menu icon with three lines, then tap Settings > Auto-update apps.
    3. Choose to update Over Wi-Fi only
    4. Uninstall third-party applications
    5. Clear application cache and data
    6. Clear recent applications
      1. From any screen, press the recent apps icon.
      2. To close an individual recent application, touch the X on the open app.
      3. To close all recent applications, tap the Clear all icon at bottom-right.


    Task manager

    A task manager can view running apps and close them.


    1. From you apps list, tap Settings > General > Apps & notifications.
    2. Tap App info and choose the desired app.
    3. Tap Force Stop, then tap OK.


    View free memory

    1. Tap Settings > General > Storage.
    2. View the values under 'Internal storage' and 'SD Card.'

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