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Learn how to reset the Access Point Name (APN) on your Android device. Incorrect APN settings can cause problems when trying to use data services.




Reset APN/MMSC settings to default

Note: Before resetting your APN, uninstall any third-party task killer or battery saver apps. Some of these apps disable the APNs or data connection to conserve battery life

  1. The steps to reset your APN to default vary by the Android version of your device. Follow the appropriate steps for your OS:
    • Android 1.6 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3
      • From the Home screen, press Menu, then Settings.
      • Touch Wireless & networks.
        Note:This varies on different software versions.
        • Android 1.6: Wireless Controls.
        • Behold II: Phone Information.
      • Touch Mobile Networks.
    • Android 4.0 (HTC)
      • From the Settings menu, look under Wireless & Networks.
      • Touch Mobile network.
      • Touch Access Point Names and continue to step 2.
    • Android 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2/4.4 (Samsung, LG, Google)
      • From the Settings menu, look under Wireless & Networks or Network Connections or tap the Connections tab.
      • Touch More settings, More..., or More networks.
      • Tap Mobile networks.
      • Touch Access Point Names and continue to step 2.
    • Android 6.0 (Samsung, LG, Google)
      • From the Settings menu, look under Backup and reset.
      • Under Reset tap Reset network settings.
      • If a PIN, Password, or Fingerprint has been enabled, enter it.
      • Tap RESET SETTINGS again.
      • A confirmation message will display when complete.
      • Touch Access Point Names or APNs and continue to step 2.
    • Touch the Menu key or the three-vertical-dot icon.
    • Touch Reset to default. If you cannot access this menu, you may need to create a new APN.
      Note: For LG devices, you may need to do the following steps for the 'Reset to Default' option to appear
      • Touch New APN, enter any text in the Name, MCC, MNC, and APN fields, and touch Menu, Save. This should cause the 'Reset to Default' to appear.
    • Check that there is a T-Mobile, T-Mobile US, or similarly named APN.



Manually enter APN/MMSC settings

If above steps to reset the APN did not work, you can manually enter the APNs:

  • For Non-T-Mobile devices, use the
  • For T-Mobile devices, see your device How-tos > Settings > Network > APN & data settings.

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