The T-Mobile Refer-a-Friend program allows existing customers to receive a $50 MasterCard Prepaid card for referring friends and family to open new postpaid accounts with T-Mobile.




Am I eligible to make referrals?

You can participate in the Refer-a-Friend program if you're a T-Mobile postpaid customer or a T-Mobile for Business customer with less than 12 lines on your account. You must submit your referral online at least 24 hours before your friend or family member opens their new account.


The Refer-a-Friend program isn't available to

  • Customers adding new lines to existing T-Mobile accounts
  • Prepaid accounts
  • Mobile Internet-only accounts
  • Government customers
  • T-Mobile for Business accounts with 13 or more lines
  • T-Mobile employee accounts
  • Port-ins from prepaid carriers


Who can I refer and what do they need to do?

You can refer anyone who hasn't had T-Mobile service within the previous 90 days.


To qualify as a referral, your friends and family must:

  1. Activate a new postpaid T-Mobile account with at least one Voice line.
  2. Port-in a number from another postpaid carrier within 45 days of their referral. The number ported in must be the same one provided with the referral.
  3. Confirm their referral online at
  4. Maintain service in good standing (active and current) for 15 days after port-in.


Sounds good. How many people can I refer?

You can have 10 open referrals at one time with a limit of 100 activated referrals in a calendar year, and up to $5,000 worth in prepaid cards per calendar year. You receive one card per qualifying new account activation and open referrals are automatically cleared after 45 days if not confirmed by your friends or family.


Submit a referral

  1. To start the referral, go to and sign in with your T-Mobile ID.
  2. Enter and submit your friend or family's contact information, including their name and the number that they'll be porting in.

    You must enter your friend's phone number in the referral page at least 24 hours before they activate their new account.

    Ask your friends to wait until after the 24 hours have passed to complete their activation. You'll receive a MasterCard Prepaid card six to eight weeks after your referred friend or family member completes the referral requirements.


Steps for referred family and friends

If you've been referred to the Refer-a-Friend program:


  1. Within 45 days of your referral, activate a new T-Mobile account with at least one voice line and port-in your number from another postpaid carrier.
  2. Visit and confirm your referral.
  3. Maintain your new account in good standing for 15 days after your port-in completes.


Check referral status

Go to and sign in with your T-Mobile ID then click My Referrals.


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