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The T-Mobile Refer-a-Friend program allows existing customers to receive a $50 Virtual Express Prepaid MasterCard card for referring friends and family to open new postpaid accounts with T-Mobile.




Am I eligible to make referrals?

You can participate in the Refer-a-Friend program if:

  • You're a T-Mobile or Sprint postpaid customer (including businesses) with 12 lines or fewer lines on your account. 
  • Your account has been active for at least 90 days and is in good standing.
  • You have a T-Mobile or Sprint ID.

The Refer-a-Friend program isn't available to

  • Customers adding new lines to existing T-Mobile accounts
  • Prepaid accounts
  • Mobile Internet-only accounts
  • Government customers
  • T-Mobile for Business accounts with 13 or more lines
  • T-Mobile employee accounts
  • Port-ins from prepaid carriers
  • Port-ins from T-Mobile providers, including Sprint, T-Mobile Prepaid, Metro by T-Mobile, Boost, Shentel, or mobile virtual network operators that use the T-Mobile network.


Who can I refer and what do they need to do?

You can refer anyone who hasn't had T-Mobile service within the previous 90 days, and your friend and family must accept your referral before activating with T-Mobile to qualify.

To qualify as a referral, your friends and family must:

  1. Accept your referral within 30 days by following your unique referral link to a website and completing the referral form.
  2. Activate a new postpaid account with at least 1 voice line and port-in a number from another postpaid carrier within 45 days of accepting your referral. The number ported in must be the same one provided with the referral form.
  3. Maintain service in good standing (active and current) for 30 days after account activation.


Sounds good. How many people can I refer?

We'll reward you for the first 10 referrals, up to $500 per calendar year, but you are welcome to refer as many friends and family as you wish. You receive one $50 Virtual Express Prepaid MasterCard card per qualifying new account you refer.


Sign up and start referring

Sign up for Refer-a-friend

  1. Go to .
  2. Enter your full name, email address, and T-Mobile or Sprint phone number.
  3. Select the Terms & Conditions check box and then click Get started.
  4. Check your email account for confirmation email that you’ve joined the T-Mobile Refer-a-Friend program.
    From the email, you can click the Refer friends link to visit your Refer-a-Friend Dashboard or share your unique referral link on Facebook and Twitter.

Send a referral

  1. Go to  and sign in with your T-Mobile or Sprint ID.
  2. From the Refer-a-Friend Dashboard, you can share your unique referral link by:
    • Copying and pasting the link into a SMS 
    • Sharing the link via email, Facebook post, or Twitter
  3. After sending your referral, you'll receive emails letting you know when your referral signs up for T-Mobile service and when your reward is on the way!


Check referral status

  1. Go to  and sign in with your T-Mobile or Sprint ID.
  2. From the Refer-a-Friend Dashboard, you can see your referral:
    • Successful: Your friend has taken out a new plan, your referral has been validated and you've been sent a $50 Virtual Express Prepaid MasterCard.
    • Pending: Your friend has taken out a new plan, and we're in the process of validating the referral.
    • Unsuccessful: Your friend has cancelled or is unable to complete the order, or it does not meet the criteria set out in our Terms and Conditions


Claim your reward

Once your reward has been processed, you can claim it via the reward email or through the Refer-a-Friend Dashboard.


  1. From the reward email, click the link.
  2. Enter your mobile number and zip code, or the tracking number from the submission.
  3. Select Redeem. The reward code should automatically generate.
    If not, go back to the previous page and select Redeem again.

Refer-a-Friend Dashboard

  1. Go to  and sign in with your T-Mobile ID.
  2. Select Check Status.
  3. From the Refer-a-Friend Dashboard, highlight the referral and click View.
  4. Select Redeem. The reward code should automatically generate. 


Steps for referred friend and family

If you've been referred to T-Mobile through the Refer-a-Friend Program:

  1. Within 30 days of receiving your referral, click the unique link provided by your friend or family member who referred you to T-Mobile.
  2. Enter your full name, email address, and the phone number you're planning to port to T-Mobile.
  3. Select the Terms & Conditions check box and then click Go.
  4. Activate a new postpaid Voice account with T-Mobile and port in a phone number.
  5. Maintain your new account in good standing for 30 days after your activation.


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