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Account Hub reporting tool creates customized billing reports for T-Mobile for Business accounts.

Tool details

Subscribed reports

  • Hierarchy changes within a reporting tree can impact subscribed reports.
  • Contact Business Care to make hierarchy changes in the reporting tool when there are subscribed reports.  

Bill cycle date

Due to the reconciliation period in the T-Mobile billing system, consider selecting a subscription date six days or more after the bill cycle close date when using subscribed reports to have recurring reports generated and include current data.


Create report

Due to account size, hierarchy level, and the data points in each report, the time needed to generate the report can vary. For larger reports consider using Notify to be emailed when the report is ready to be viewed or downloaded.

Select a report to generate

  1. Log in to Account Hub.
  2. Use the side navigation panel to select Reporting.
  3. On the Reporting page, select the Reports tab.
  4. Use the Billing Period menu to select the cycle for the report.
  5. Select the Hierarchy level for the report.
  6. Review the available list of reports, locate the name of the report, then select Customize.

Select report data points to have in the report

  1. Select the data point to be included in the version of the report in the column selection and ordering section of the report builder.
  2. All data will be selected by default.
  3. Deselect the boxes next to the column to be removed from the report.
  4. Move the selected column into the order to be displayed on the report output.
  5. Once you have selected the data point and added any optional features, select Create Report.

Column option

Use the optional column sort feature to have columns ascend, descend, or hide data in the report.

  • Ascending
  • Descending
  • Hide blank columns

Search options

  • Use the optional filter feature to customize report columns.
  • In the Filter options section, pre-select filter and data points render report output.

Subscribe options

In the Subscriptions option section of the report builder, reports can be generated on a regular cadence. If running a billing base report and selecting an interval less than monthly, the information will not update until after the next bill cycle closes.

Use these steps for the optional subscription feature to generate reports on schedule.

  1. Select the box to subscribe to the report.
  2. Use the menu to select the interval to have the report generated. Options are:
    • Weekly
    • Biweekly
    • Monthly
    • Custom
  3. Use the Subscription Date Calendar to select the date to have the report generated. Select a date at least six days after the bill cycle closes to pull a closed bill and not data from the previous bill cycle.

Notify option

In the Notify section of the report builder, you can choose to have an email notification sent once the report is ready to be viewed. When running a billing base report and an interval is less than monthly, the information will not update until after the next bill cycle closes.

Use these steps for the optional notification feature once reports are ready to be viewed or emailed.

  1. Select the Send me an Email Notification box to receive an email notification the report is ready. 
  2. Select the second email box and ADD additional emails for notification if more people are to be notified.


Report dashboard

Manage my report

  • Delete action cannot be reversed. Reports automatically delete 15 days after creation.
  • For ordered reports, there is an action icon that displays available options.
  • Use the report actions to manage reports:
    • Open: HTML view in the reporting tool
    • Subscribe: Add a subscription to any ordered report not subscribed
    • Download: Prompt to download report PDF or CSV format
    • Manage: Only available for report subscription. Update the subscription detail for a subscribed report 
    • Delete: Manually delete a report

View report details

  1. Log in to Account Hub.
  2. select Reporting on the side navigation panel.
  3. Locate the report to view details.
  4. Select the down arrow by the report name to display the following details:
    • Description
    • Accounts numbers included in the report
    • Date and time report created
    • Current status
    • Frequency
    • Format
    • Recipients


Use the Billing articles page for any additional billing support. 

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