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Do not sell my personal information

Third Party Data Sharing

We use device identifiers (like cookies, beacons, Ad IDs, and IP addresses) and we may provide this data to other companies in order to improve our websites and apps, show our ads when you visit other companies’ sites and apps, or to allow other companies to show their ads on our sites and apps. We may also provide Ad IDs associated with data about you to third parties for advertising purposes. Whether you opt out of the sale of your personal information or opt out using our advertising settings here, your info is not used for our ad program. Note that Assurance Wireless is not included in our ad program. Please visit our Privacy Notice to learn more. This sharing of data may be defined as a sale under the California Consumer Privacy Act.

These device identifiers are not what you might think of as personal information, like your name or phone number. However, if you don’t want us to “sell” this information, you can update your “Do Not Sell” preferences for this website or app.

If you’re not logged in, the setting will only appear to the site where you selected it. To apply settings across T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Sprint, or Assurance Wireless you must log on to each brand separately to set your preferences. Please note that your settings will not apply across brands. For example, if you change your preferences with T Mobile, those settings will not automatically apply to Metro by T Mobile or Assurance Wireless. 
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Do not sell my personal information:

You’re not logged in.

If you're a T-Mobile, Sprint, or Assurance Wireless customer, please log in to your account to set your "Do not sell" preference.

Set a "do not sell" preference for another account

Additional controls:

Opt-out of third-party data use on T-Mobile’s advertising platform

If you have turned ON the “do not sell” preference above, T-Mobile will restrict the data it shares with third parties.

Third parties also share data with T-Mobile for use on the Magenta Marketing Platform, T-Mobile’s advertising platform. If you’d like to restrict the data the Magenta Marketing Platform uses from third parties, you can opt-out here: https://www.t-mobile.com/marketing-solutions/magenta-marketing-platform/optout.html

Opt-out of other third-party interest-based advertising

You can also opt-out of the use of your data for interest-based ads served by other advertising networks on your mobile device or computer:

By clicking on the AdChoices icon AdChoices icon on any interest-based ad.
By visiting https://youradchoices.com/control.

To opt out of the sale of your personal information, select ON.