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Our second corporate venture capital fund seeks minority investment opportunities in innovative companies that can benefit from our 5G network, sales, and marketing capabilities. Focus areas include—but are not limited to—Home Experience, Family, Financial Services & Loyalty, Entertainment, Immersive/XR, Intelligent Edge, X-as-a-Service, and Smart Mobility.

A smiling man uses his smartphone while seated at his desk. A smiling man uses his smartphone while seated at his desk. A smiling man uses his smartphone while seated at his desk. A smiling man uses his smartphone while seated at his desk.

Partner with industry leaders.

As part of T-Mobile Ventures, you’ll have access to the nation’s largest and fastest 5G network—and our go-to-market capabilities, network and engineering expertise, and investment backing to help you develop, test, and launch next-generation products and services.

Working together to unlock your company’s growth potential.

Turn your greatest ambitions into reality with T-Mobile as a strategic investor.


Unrivaled 5G network leadership.

Deliver exceptional experiences and streamline time to market with access to our leading 5G network and T-Mobile engineering expertise.


Consumer wireless powerhouse.

Accelerate your growth with consumers with sponsorship and investment from T-Mobile.


Enterprise & government relationships.

Leverage our channels to help private and public sector customers meet their goals—from harnessing AI to supporting their mobile workforces.

Cequence® Security.

Cequence Security

T-Mobile and Cequence Security are working together to safeguard data and provide cybersecurity by delivering an open, AI-powered software platform that protects customers’ web, mobile, and API-based applications.



T-Mobile and Dialpad teamed up to create Collaborate, an AI-powered cloud communication platform that provides business calling, messaging, and video conferencing—from virtually any device, from almost anywhere.



Halo.Car operates a driverless and all electric carshare service that brings car rental vehicles to customers on-demand and navigated over LTE and 5G by remote pilots.



Humane is creating the technologies and platforms for the intelligence age. The Humane Ai Pin enables consumers to take the power of Ai with them everywhere and is enabled by T-Mobile’s wireless network in the U.S.



Movius and T-Mobile for Business have partnered on T-Mobile MultiLine, which allows employees to use a single smartphone for personal and business communications in a way that meets compliance standards.


Pano AI

Pano AI deploys ultra-high-definition cameras and its proprietary artificial intelligence platform to constantly scan for and identify wildfires in the very early stages.

Paladin Cloud.

Paladin Cloud

Paladin Cloud offers an open source, Security-as-Code platform that helps improve cloud security for developers and DevOps teams.



As a software-defined telecom infrastructure company, SignalWire enables voice, video, and messaging APIs for modern communication applications.

Spectro Cloud

Spectro Cloud

Spectro Cloud delivers a Kubernetes enterprise management platform that manages the full lifecycle of new and existing Kubernetes environments in data center or cloud environments.

Meet the investor team.

The T-Mobile Ventures team brings decades of combined experience in finance, operations, business development and strategy to help companies build and scale industry-leading companies.

Jeffrey Pellegrini.

Jeffrey Pellegrini

VP Acquisitions and Investments

Charles Ruppert.

Charles Ruppert

Acquisitions and Investments

Samuel Chun.

Samuel Chun

Acquisitions and Investments

Nathaniel Mahlum.

Nathaniel Mahlum

Acquisitions and Investments

Touchdown Ventures.

Touchdown Ventures

Corporate VC partner

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