topWhy should I take my mobile phone on a trip?
With T-Mobile, you get a great wireless experience in over 182 countries with the largest all-GSM network. You can make and receive calls, exchange text and e-mails, or access the Internet.

What does this mean to you? You can stay in touch while traveling, make last-minute plans without having to buy local calling cards or locate public phones, and even research sights, restaurants, and more online while you're traveling. So really the question is, why wouldn't you take your phone with you?
topHow do I know if my phone will work where I’m going?
On the International Roaming Overview page, choose your destination country from the menu, then view the detailed coverage map for that country. Note the frequencies used by the carriers for that country. Next, go to the International Devices page for more information on phone types.
topCan I call Customer Care for free from another country?
Yes. Simply dial the plus sign (+) followed by 1-505-998-3793 from your mobile phone.
topCan I use the same number when I travel?
Yes, your number won't change just because you're in a different country. And only T-Mobile International gives you the world’s largest all-GSM network and, through the FreeMove alliance, more capabilities in certain European Union countries.
topDo I need a special phone to call international numbers from the US?
No. All you need to do is dial "+" followed by the country code, city code, and local number.
topWill calls and voicemail I receive from home cost extra?*
Both incoming and outgoing calls are billed at the international roaming rate for the country you're in. Voicemail is also billed at the same rate. You can have your voicemail forwarded to a home phone number or even a hotel room, if that is more convenient for you. For more details, call Customer Care at 1-877-453-1304.
topCan I receive international calls? How much do they cost?
Yes. Incoming international calls cost the same as any other incoming call.
topDo calls from Mexico and Canada cost less with this service?
No, all incoming calls cost the same with or without this service.
topDo you offer special rates to other countries?
No, not at this time.
topHow do I set up my account for international long distance?
All customers automatically have permission to dial internationally unless they have requested International Long Distance Barring to be added to their accounts. SmartAccess customers can call Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. If you are uncertain whether you can dial internationally, you can check in the My Plan & Services section of My T-Mobile.
topWhat is the "+" key and how do I use it?
When you use the "+" key on your T-Mobile phone, you don’t have to know the international access code of the country you are calling from. That makes international long distance with T-Mobile even easier than from your home phone. Different manufacturers have specific ways to access the "+" key, so make sure you know yours.
  • BlackBerry® 6210: Press Alt (bottom, far left on keyboard) and the letter "I."
  • Bosch: Press and hold the star (*) key until the "+" sign appears.
  • Motorola: Press and hold the zero key until the "+" sign appears.
  • Nokia: Press the star (*) key twice in rapid succession.
  • Pocket PC: Pull up the keyboard, hit the <123> button in the top left corner, and select "+" from the resulting screen.
  • Samsung: Press and hold the zero key until the "+" sign appears.
  • Sony Ericsson: Press and hold the zero key until the "+" sign appears.
  • Treo 270: Press the blue button and then the "G" key.
topHow do I make and receive calls when roaming internationally?
To make a call while you are roaming overseas, whether you’re calling within the country or to a location outside it, simply dial "+" and the country code, the city code (if necessary), and the local number. There are no special codes or digits required. Your ability to make and receive calls is subject to the same variables as in the United States. Go to International Roaming Overview page to look up country codes.
topHow do I use voicemail while roaming internationally?*
You can access your voicemail account from anywhere in the world by simply dialing the plus sign (+) followed by 1-805-MESSAGE.
  • Interrupt the message by pressing the star key (*).
  • If the star key does not work, hang up, redial, and use the pound key (#).
  • Enter your four-digit password.
Be aware that additional fees may apply to voicemail use—see What should I expect on my T-Mobile bill in the International section of the FAQs for details. For additional questions, consult My T-Mobile or T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-877-453-1304.
topHow do I contact T-Mobile Customer Care while roaming internationally?
You can reach T-Mobile Customer Care by dialing the plus sign (+) followed by 1-505-998-3793 from your mobile phone—it’s a free call. From a landline phone, dial the International Direct Dialing prefix for the country you are in, followed by 1-505-998-3793. T-Mobile will not charge you for this call, but long distance fees may apply if you call from a landline phone.
topWhat is GSM?
The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is the worldwide standard for wireless communication. GSM is also the largest wireless platform in the world. With your T-Mobile international phone and SIM card, you can take advantage of this unmatched coverage to make international long distance calls to over 220 countries and make and receive calls in 179 countries and locations through more than 334 providers around the world—all with your familiar phone number and features.
topWhere can I find per-minute rates for the countries I want to call?
Use the rate menu on the International Long Distance Overview page on this site to confirm the per-minute charge for the country you want to call.
topHow do I activate WorldClass service?
WorldClass activation is simple and free. You can activate WorldClass International Service by calling 611 toll-free from your T-Mobile phone, or calling 1-877-453-1304 from any phone. If you are already outside the US, call Customer Care at +1-505-998-3793. Be aware that it may not be possible to add WorldClass to your account while you are outside the US.
topWhat should I expect in my T-Mobile bill?
T-Mobile is committed to providing all the features you depend on, whether you’re traveling overseas or making calls to family and colleagues abroad. International long distance calls made from the US are billed at per-minute rates depending on the country you’re calling; see the rate menu on the International Long Distance Overview page.

Please note these important points about international roaming:

  • Unless you switch your device off or activate Unconditional Call Forwarding on your device, you will be billed for calls delivered to your voice mail box while you are roaming internationally.
  • Operator-assisted calls to "0" are billed at the international roaming rate for the country you are in. Calls made from outside the US are covered under roaming rates.
  • Checking your e-mail or voice mail while roaming incurs charges just as calling does.
  • Customer Care calls are free from your T-Mobile device, but they incur applicable long distance fees from any other phone.
  • When you’re roaming, your friends and family can dial you as they normally would and it does not cost them extra to call you. However, Mobile to Mobile minutes are only available on the T-Mobile USA network.
  • With GPRS-enabled devices, data transmissions, including e-mail and Internet surfing, are billed by volume: $0.01 per KB / $10.24 per MB in Canada, $0.015 per KB / $15.36 per MB in other countries.
  • E-mails range widely in size; attachments such as photos and documents can be very large, even over 2 MB each. Check the file properties for size before you send the file.
  • Outgoing text messages are billed at $0.35 per message; incoming messages pull from your feature bucket or are billed at $0.15 each.
  • If you activated international roaming on your account before November 5, 2001, and do not have WorldClass International Service, you may be on a variable rate plan. Please see the international roaming page for more information.

*International Roaming, Dialing, Data Usage & Voicemail. Whether roaming outside the continental United States or making and sending international calls and messages while in the U.S. (or Puerto Rico), you will be charged international rates. This includes per minute rates for calls and, while roaming internationally, per minute rates for calls transferred to your voicemail and the relevant data rates for data usage. You may be charged for more than one call for unanswered calls that are forwarded to voicemail regardless of whether the calls result in an actual voicemail message being left for you or your phone is on or off. Different rates apply in different countries. International roaming and dialing are available with some Rate Plans and on some Devices and may require an additional feature on your account