Treo Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

top Why should I download the Treo 600 software upgrade?
T-Mobile strongly recommends that you download this software upgrade. It has been developed to ensure that your Treo 600 provides the best performance and reliability for you. This upgrade is easy to download and use.
top May I download the software upgrade directly to my Treo 600 from the T-Mobile Web site?
No. You must download the software to your computer. Once it is downloaded, you may run the program to upgrade your Treo 600.
topWill my Treo 600 stop working if I do not perform this upgrade?
No. While your Treo 600 will continue to function, this upgrade is designed to improve its performance and reliability.
top Do I have to pay to download this upgrade?
No, the software is free of charge to T-Mobile's Treo 600 customers.
topI purchased my Treo 600 from another wireless provider, but now use T-Mobile's service. How do I access the upgrade?
If you purchased your Treo 600 from any other wireless carrier, please visit to find the appropriate download.
topI received an e-mail from PalmOne as well as a message from T-Mobile about this software upgrade. Do I need to perform the download twice?
No, you only need to download the software once.
topHow do I verify that I have the latest version of the software on my Treo 600?
To determine the software version of your Treo 600, complete the following steps:
  1. From your Treo 600, press the button with the phone handset. This will launch the phone application.
  2. Press the “Menu” button
  3. Press the letter “I” to see the Phone Info.
If the Software says “Treo600-1.12-INT”, then you have the latest software and do not need to upgrade your device. If the Software has anything other than “INT” at the end (“AWS” or “CNG”), you will need to go to the following page to upgrade your software:
topWhat changes will I see with my Treo 600 after the upgrade?
You may notice the following changes:
  • The power-up/power-down screens are now palmOne branded
  • The “About” application information for the program launcher, SMS, Phone, MMS, Mail, Web, Calc, Notes, To-Do, Camera, etc., is now palmOne branded
  • Two of the Web default bookmarks have been modified to palmOne sites
  • A band selector drop-down list has been added to the Network Search dialog box
  • The network search animation has been removed
topAre any of the menu options or navigations going to change with the upgrade?
The only menu option or navigation change is the band selector drop-down list that has been added to the Network Search dialog box.
topWhat are the requirements to complete the upgrade?
The following requirements are necessary for the upgrade:
  • Treo 600 on the T-Mobile Wireless network (do not install on Treo 90, 180, 180g, 270, 300, or any Treo 600 on the AT&T, Cingular, Rogers Wireless, or Sprint networks).
  • Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP or Mac OS X.
  • (Windows) HotSync Manager 4.1.0 or later. This is part of the Palm Desktop installation. Please make sure you have installed the latest version of this software before you run the T-Mobile Treo 600 Updater 1.12. See the downloads page to get the latest version of Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager.
  • Treo 600 battery fully charged. To check your battery, press the Phone button on the front panel of your device. Note the battery icon in the top right corner of the screen. If it is not full, connect your Treo to its charger to recharge the battery. The length of time needed to fully charge the battery will depend on how you are using the phone while it is charging. Typically it takes roughly three to four hours if you do not use the device.
  • At least 12MB/12,000KB (Mac) or 6MB/6,000KB (Windows) free memory on your Treo. The free memory accommodates the upgrade application on your device; the application will be automatically removed from your device (and the memory freed) when the upgrade is complete.
  • For Microsoft Outlook users who use PocketMirror: PocketMirror version 3.1.2 or later installed. The installation CD for Treo 600 includes PocketMirror version 3.1.2. PocketMirror is a conduit that allows synchronization with Outlook. When you install the Treo 600 software from the CD, PocketMirror is automatically activated if you choose 'I want to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook' during installation.
  • Install the T-Mobile Treo 600 Updater 1.12 on a computer with which the Treo 600 is synchronized (i.e. a user data folder for the Treo exists on the computer).
topWill I lose all my data and applications if I make the upgrade?
No. As part of the upgrade procedure your information will be backed up, and then reloaded onto your Treo 600.
topWhere do I go if I have additional questions about the upgrade?
Please click here to be directed to palmOne’s Treo 600 Updater FAQs.
topHow do I know if my Treo's battery is full?
Perform the following steps:
  1. Press the Phone application button on the front of your Treo.
  2. Note the battery icon in the top, right corner of the screen. If it is not full, connect your Treo to its charger to charge the battery.
top How do I know how much memory is available on my phone?
How do I know how much memory is available on my phone? It's easy to verify the amount of memory available:
  1. Go to the Applications Launcher area of your Treo (press the Launcher key).
  2. Press the Menu key again to launch the menus.
  3. Under the App menu, select Info.