Ready to start watching in more rooms? Here's how you can add TVision service to extra TVs in your home.

Looking for TVision LIVE, TVision VIBE, and TVision CHANNELS for T-Mobile postpaid wireless plans? Visit for details! The information on this page is only for supporting the TVision Home product. 


Good to know

  • You can add service to up to eight TVs in your home.
  • Service to each additional TV is $10/month.
  • If your additional TV is within 20 feet from your primary TVision box, self-installation is a great option.


Drop us a line & we'll get your extra TVs set up with service

  1. Call us at 1-877-773-1563 or log in to your Customer Portal to chat with us—we'll get you set up in no time.
  2. Once we ship equipment for your extra TVs, you can track the package from your Customer Portal.

We'll want to know:

  • How many extra TVs?
  • Do you prefer a white or black box?
  • Do you want to self-install your new box or have a professional installation?

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