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Napster unRadio and Napster Premier (formerly Rhapsody) are music streaming services for Simple Choice plans.


About Napster unRadio & Napster Premier

Napster unRadio and Napster Premier services were previously offered with Simple Choice plans and can no longer be added to plans. If you already have Napster, you can still enjoy using it.

Napster unRadio

Previously offered for free with Simple Choice plans and includes:

  • Unlimited skips and no ads
  • Listen to your favorite artists streaming or offline
  • Access to more than 20 million songs
  • Access to thousands of FM/AM radio stations

Napster Premier

Previously offered for a small fee with Simple Choice plans and includes everything unRadio offers PLUS:

  • Unlimited Favorites offline
  • Unlimited ability to download any track or album
  • Backward skipping

Both are available for iOS and Android devices, and you can also listen on your laptop or desktop computer.


Manage Napster account

If you need additional support using Napster, visit the Napster Help Center.

Connect Napster app / existing account to your T-Mobile number
  1. While using the Napster application, click the Play/Upgrade button.
  2. Perform the following based on what appears:
    • Activate Napster screen appears. This appears when you're eligible for free unRadio.
      1. Click Activate.
      2. Click Continue to finish.
    • Switch Accounts screen appears. This appears if your T-Mobile phone number is associated with the email address you signed up with.
      1. Click Yes > Switch Accounts.
      2. Click Continue to finish.
Upgrade or downgrade
  1. Log in to your Napster account ( or your My T-Mobile account.
  2. Perform one of the following:
    • From Napster, select Edit my Subscription.
    • From My T-Mobile, select Change Plans/Services.
  3. Select the option you would like to change to.
  4. Confirm your selection, agree to the terms and conditions, and then complete the change.

You may cancel your Napster subscription by visiting


Troubleshooting & support

For troubleshooting the Napster app if it's not working or how-tos, questions about Napster billing, how to set up a playlist, and how to create a radio station, visit the Napster Help Center.

  • Plan changes: If you change to a plan that is eligible for the same-priced Napster service, your subscription will remain the same. If you no longer want Napster when you change, you'll have to cancel your Napster subscription separately.
  • Existing subscription: Napster accounts are associated with your email address. If it states that you already have an active Napster subscription, you'll need to cancel your current Napster account so you can sign up again to get the special T-Mobile pricing.

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