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T-Mobile CallerTunes® provides songs, voice recordings, sound effects, and more that play for callers while they wait for you to answer. CallerTunes is a retired service and no longer available for purchase. 

How it works

CallerTunes lets your callers hear a song or status message whenever they call. A ringtone is what you hear from your phone when someone calls you, while a CallerTune is what the caller hears when they call you.

At the beginning of each billing cycle, you get two credits to purchase CallerTunes. Those two credits must be used in the current month and don't roll over into the next month. You can purchase additional credits that don't expire.

You can choose from thousands of songs, which can be used for up to one year. You can also use pre-recorded status messages, or you can add a personal touch and record your own. You can create up to three groups of people—such as friends, family, and co-workers—and each group can have up to five unique phone numbers.


Subscribing or canceling

The Primary Account Holder can add or remove CallerTunes to any line on your account.

  • Subscribing: You can add CallerTunes to a specific line on your account by changing your services through or the T-Mobile app. Keep in mind that Content Blocking does block the ability to use it.
  • Canceling: You can unsubscribe from CallerTunes at any time. Canceling your subscription deletes your CallerTunes profile and callers will then hear the ordinary ring again. To cancel your subscription, follow the steps to change your services.


Managing your account

You can manage the following features through the CallerTunes website or through the T-Mobile CallerTunes app:

  • My Library: A list of your purchases. You can preview your CallerTunes, renew them, or delete them.
  • People: Set up groups as well as assign a CallerTune to a specific caller.
  • Status: Your callers will hear a pre-recorded message or you can record one of your own. Stuck in a meeting? Driving? Enjoying a concert? Let your friends “hear” your status before you answer. Your status recording can be up to 30 seconds long.
  • Shuffle: The Shuffle feature lets callers hear a CallerTunes chosen at random from your selection of purchases.
  • Auto Holiday: During certain times of the year, you can have your callers hear holiday music. If you enable Auto Holiday, CallerTunes automatically plays holiday music for designated dates at no extra charge. Even if you don't have it enabled, you can always select the appropriate one on your own.
  • Let Them Pick: Don't know what your friends want to listen to? When you select Let Them Pick in their details page, CallerTunes sends your friends a text message to let them pick what they want to hear.
  • Call Popup: See what song your callers are hearing when they call you. This can help you remember what music you chose for your callers and can also help you decide whether it's time to refresh it with something new.
  • Drive: Texting and talking on your phone while driving can be distracting, dangerous, and, in many places, against the law. With the CallerTunes Drive Mode and Auto Status reply features, we aim to keep you safer behind the wheel while on the road.
  • Location: Play status messages to callers when you’re at a specific place where you wouldn’t normally answer your phone, such as the movies or church.


Why does my CallerTunes look different?

The information listed above is for the latest version of CallerTunes. If you signed up for CallerTunes before November 15, 2015, your experience may be different. If you’re still on an older version, you can move over to the latest one, and your current CallerTunes library and caller profiles automatically migrate with you. Go here to learn how to change your services.


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