Learn all about Community icons, points, and ranks in this document.


Specialty ranks

The specialty ranks are to note T-Mobile employees, staff, or the best of the best in the Community.

Rank Icon

Community Manager:

You'll see T-Mobile's crack team of Community Managers on most posts in the community helping folks out and keeping the peace.

T-Mobile staff:

These friendly folks work in the T-Mobile Support Community, and help keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

T-Mobile employee:

T-Mobile employees post here, just like everybody else. This means they work for T-Mobile, but not on the Support Community itself. Employees on the support community do not have access to customer accounts.

Pillar of the Community:

The cream of the crop, here on Support. These are normal, everyday users who go above and beyond to help out.

Pillars are the chosen few of the Support Community -- the most friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful users who play by the rules and have fun doing it. Pillars are selected periodically from our most active members based on their consistent, quality interactions with other users. When we notice someone going above and beyond, we reach out to see if they'd like to join this illustrious team. We're always looking to add more Pillars, so get out there are post away!


Points and icons

Points are earned when you perform various actions in the community. Your status level will increase as you earn more points. Check out the first 7 levels for reference below.

Level Icon


 1 - 20 points



 21 - 50 points



 51 - 100 points



 101 - 299 points



 300 - 599 points



 600 - 999 points



 1000 - ??? points


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