Get to know the team your friendly neighborhood Community Manager team!



Phill - The Fearless Leader


Phill hails from the sandy New Mexican desert, but likes to think that on the internet, we're all from the same place. Phill started with T-Mobile almost 13 years ago, providing PDA tech support back when BlackBerry was king, and everybody was losing it over how cool the Motorola RAZR was. He also really, really likes to eat and does so whenever it is socially acceptable (and sometimes when it's not).

Phill spends his leisure-time playing far too many video games and walking his 70lbs. slobber factory dog, Heimdall. During character creation he mistakenly assigned too many stat point into facial hair, and thus can grow a mean beard, at the cost of being bald as a baby.



  • Community engagement
  • Video games
  • Marvel comics



Lauren - Senior Community Manager

Midwesterner turned Southerner, Lauren was born in Ohio and now resides in the great state of Tennessee. She started with T-Mobile 9 years ago in customer care when Sidekick was king, watched the birth of Android while in retail, spent some time tweeting memes on the social media team, and then landed here on Support where we can't seem to get rid of her.

In her off time, Lauren plans comic cons and other events, enjoys tacos, dinosaurs, video games, reading, the highest quality memes, and hanging out with her dog Navi. Oh, and tacos.


  • Spelling and grammar
  • Unique solutions
  • Tacos



Marissa - Senior Community Manager


After a lifetime of Army brat world-touring, Marissa has settled down to raise heckfire (and two boys) in the sweet state of Virginia. She's spent six years at T-Mobile, three of them on an internal escalation team (it sounds fancy, but there were no secret decoder rings). She is an avid reader, late-night writer, Oxford comma fan, and mostly OK with being the guy here who makes the obligatory gripe about writing in the third person.

Marissa spends her days off haunting local parks, playgrounds, and the sort of family-friendly events that beg the question, "who actually goes to these things?". Any time left over is spent curating Spotify playlists and Stitcher channels.



  • Blogosophy
  • Accountology
  • Making things sound super important!



Chris - Community Manager

The man, the myth, the legend! The GOAT! None of these things describe Chris. However, things like mediocre gamer, professional napper, wireless guru, and cheeseburgers paint a pretty clear picture of this Community Manager. Chris started with T-Mobile a little over 11 years ago doing tech support. Remember black and white cell phone screens? Yeah, those were all we had back then. The Nokia brick? That was someone’s everyday phone. My oh my how the times have changed.

In his off time, Chris likes to play competitive video games. If it does not have multiplayer, Chris wants nothing to do with it. Need a meme to troll your friends or family? Chris is your guy. Have a problem with your cell phone at 2:00 A.M. (Grandma )? Chris will be there to help!



  • Gaming
  • Tech support
  • Community Contests!


Amanda - Community Manager


Remember when the iPhone 4s launched? That's about when Amanda began her career with T-Mobile. Since then, she has acquired many skills which are now put to use as a Community Manager. One of those skills includes being a professional mover since she relocated from New Mexico to Virginia and back within 15 months.

When Amanda is not at work, you can probably find her off-roading in the desolate New Mexican desert with her family. She also has her hands full with 3 and 5-year-old princesses. Fun fact: She's a licensed cosmetologist!



  • Having awesome hair
  • All things billing
  • Music



MC - Community Manager

MC reigns from the mountainous region of Colorado, so the great outdoors is a part of his life. He began his journey at T-Mobile 9 years ago helping with basic flip phones and continued growing his skills in smartphones. As a self-proclaimed foodie, he spends his time chowing down and Ramsey-cooking with new recipes from different cultures.

With a thirst for collecting more skills, MC spends his time challenging himself with Escape Rooms and sharpening his Green Arrow skills at the archery range. He's a huge movie buff so catching the next Oscar winning film is a regular thing for him.



  • Community engagement
  • Outdoor activities
  • Gaming


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