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As the Un-carrier, we are devoted to providing our customers the best possible experience within every interaction. You've been directed to this page to learn more about the upgrades coming to T-Mobile’s device protection program. 


What's happening?

We're making some changes to provide a better, more consistent experience for all customers. Beginning November 1, 2021, T-Mobile’s device protection plan provided by Assurant, Protection<360>® (P<360>) is getting an upgrade, and now Sprint customers get it too!

  • In most cases, there will be the same or lower monthly cost.
  • You can expect to see prorated charges for the P<360> feature change on your November bill.
  • These changes do not create an open enrollment period. Standard enrollment requirements apply to lines without device protection.
  • Your Sprint Complete program services will continue through October 31, 2021, at which time you’ll be moved to Protection<360>. As of your November bill, Sprint Complete customers will see Protection<360> instead.

For customers with insurance only or service contract*, coverage ends October 31, 2021. To enroll in P<360>, call 1-888-211-4727 or visit your nearest T-Mobile store


What are my benefits?

Starting November 1, Protection <360> includes these premium benefits:

  • Walk-in $29 screen-only repair for eligible devices, available at new authorized repaid centers, including T-Mobile store locations1
  • Walk-in repair for eligible devices1
  • Unlimited screen protector replacement.
  • Five total claims (up from three) in any rolling 12-month period based on the date of the first repair or replacement for loss, theft, and accidental damage.
  • Accidental damage, loss and theft coverage includes next-business-day replacements.
  • Hardware service (mechanical breakdown) coverage2 unlimited claim limit.
  • Unlimited screen protector replacement3 when it breaks, get a new one.
  • JUMP!® Upgrades4 get the latest and greatest device sooner.
  • The Protection<360>® app by Assurant®5 (formerly known as TechPHD by Assurant®) access live tech support for your connected devices.
  • True Key™ premium password management removes the hassle of remembering passwords and keeps your accounts safe.
  • McAfee® Security for T-Mobile with ID Theft Protection6 helps protect your identity on up to 10 devices.

If you've been automatically enrolled in Protection <360>, you'll get these premium benefits included in your plan at no additional cost. 


What do I need to do to maintain coverage?

Sprint Complete

The good news is that if you had Sprint Complete (available through October 31, 2021), no action is required. Your coverage will move to Protection<360> on November 1, and you’ll be sent a welcome kit from Assurant. 

If you had insurance only or service contract*:

  • Services are no longer available and will end on October 31, 2021.
  • If you want to continue coverage and enroll in the new device protection program, call 1-888-211-4727 or visit a T-Mobile retail store. Of course, coverage is optional. If you decide you don’t want device protection, then no further action is required.

Cloud Storage

Anything stored on the Complete Storage App will need to be moved to another storage solution prior to November 15, 2021. Contact our Tech Experts for assistance if needed 1-866-866-7509.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, iPad Pro 11 3rd Gen or iPad Pro 12.9 5th Gen

  • $19 Sprint Complete is no longer available for these devices; updated pricing is now $25.
  • We recommend P<360> to continue protecting your device. 


Protect Sprint Complete Storage app memories

Cloud Storage

The Sprint Complete storage service will end on November 1, 2021, and your media (photos/videos) will no longer back up to the cloud. Don’t worry! You’ll continue to have access to your stored photos and videos until December 31, 2021, but you’ll need to take action as soon as possible before your media is deleted.

Any content stored on the Sprint Complete Storage app will be deleted on December 31, 2021. Transfer your data by selecting from one of the following options:

Transfer to Asurion Photos
Select Transfer to Asurion Photos to start the migration process. Asurion will move everything for you and let you know when your photos and videos are fully transferred. To transfer your content to Asurion Photos, you must follow this migration process.
  • If you install the Asurion Photos app from the App Store or Play Store first, you won't be able to migrate your photos and you'll be on a free storage plan with a 5GB upload limit.
  • if you upload your photos manually, the backup will stop once you've reached 5GB.
Download to your device

Got enough space on your smartphone? Pull the data from the cloud to your phone - only files that haven’t already been downloaded will pull from the cloud.

  • You need sufficient free storage space on your device.
  • Files pulled from the cloud will be timestamped to the date of download.
  • We suggest using Wi-Fi to download. The speed of download is dependent on your Wi-Fi speed.

Not enough space on your smartphone? Download a .zip file of your photos and save on a PC.

Select download my content to request zip files of all your content. We'll send a download link to your email address on file. Once you've downloaded everything, you're good to go! You can leave the file in .zip format to use later or unzip the file and save to PC or upload to another cloud.

  • You need sufficient space on your PC.
  • The files are compressed for the .zip file; when unzipped, your files will have same resolution and quality as your original file.
  • Files pulled from the cloud will be timestamped to the date of download.
  • A wired ethernet connection will likely allow for a faster download speed than Wi-Fi.
Transfer to another cloud

Transferring only a small amount of data? Request to share the data directly with another cloud provider such as i.e Google One, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon Photos, OneDrive.

  • This method can only be used for 10 files at a time.
  • You’ll need an account on another cloud provider to initiate the share function.

Need more help?


Helpful resources

Use these to learn more about your benefits, coverage documents, and details surrounding filing a device protection claim:


*Insurance Policies include the Equipment Replacement Program and Advances Device Insurance. Service Contracts include the Equipment Service and Repair Program, the Advanced Device Service & Support Program, and the MaaS Extended Warranty Program, and is terminating the Tech Expert Agreement

1Available at authorized Assurant repair centers, which include T-Mobile service and repair locations. Applies when and where repair service is available; otherwise, we’ll provide a replacement device and collect the appropriate service fee/deductible based on device tier for all other accidental damage.

2When you purchase and install a screen protector at T-Mobile. Excludes liquid glass screen protectors.

3There’s a $5 processing fee for mechanical breakdown claim exchanges through T-Mobile. There’s no processing fee for eligible mechanical breakdown claims handled by the manufacturer.

4For qualifying device purchases on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) when 50% of the device cost has been paid.

5Download and register the Protection<360> app by Assurant® to have full access to features. Availability and features may vary by device and operating system.

6Provided by McAfee® Security for T-Mobile. There may be limitations on the size of each video that can be backed up and secured.

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