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Jeanette Asgekar
Feb. 3, 2024, 4:53 p.m.
Very helpful... View on Google
Ajay Babaria
Jan. 26, 2024, 7:33 p.m.
5 Stars for T-Mobile Southlake Store for Stellar Service in a Sea of Confusion with T-Mobile Business. When you dive into setting up business services, you really expect the process to be smooth sailing with clear guidance and strong support. My journey with T-Mobile's business internet and phone services kicked off with a promising offer but quickly hit a snag due to some seriously mixed signals from their business customer service over the phone. This review, though, is all about shining a light on the awesome service and support I got from the T-Mobile store in Southlake, especially from three rockstars: Joshua, Dennis, and Ivory. The deal was an attractive 3 iPhone promo that, according to a business rep over the phone, was totally doable even with lines transferring from another T-Mobile account. Turns out, that info wasn't quite right, leading me down a path where I would end up with 3 extra lines and numbers I didn’t need! The phone side of T-Mobile's business service felt like a maze of wrong info, hours of repetition, and ineffectiveness. On the flip side, stepping into the Southlake store was like finding an oasis. Typically, stores handle consumer plans and might not be all up on the business account game. Luckily, this was a new Experience concept store that has access to business account information to help (1 of 4 in the nation from my understanding). But Joshua, Dennis, and Ivory? They didn’t just step up; they owned it. Their help with sorting out the mess with my business services was nothing short of amazing. They guided me through the chaos of returning the iPhones, canceling the internet service, and dealing with business support. But the drama didn't stop there. Two weeks post-return, I got hit with a $3,500 bill out of nowhere despite the devices being dropped off at the store and shipped back to the warehouse with tracking info. Clearly, processes are completely broken with T-Mobile business. Yet again, it was Joshua and Dennis at the store who jumped into action to fix this final hiccup, showcasing their exceptional problem-solving skills and commitment to customer happiness. Unfortunately, it’ll take some action on the warehouse side to verify they got the phones, but Joshua got the process kicked off and likely saved me hours on the phone with confused customer service reps. Having consistency with the people who are helping makes a big difference. This whole adventure really highlighted the stark difference between the fantastic service at the store level and the frustrating experiences with T-Mobile's business customer service over the phone. Joshua, Dennis, and Ivory didn't just show what good customer service looks like; they went above and beyond, showing the kind of support and clarity you hope to get but rarely do. Their efforts made a huge difference, earning them a massive thank you from me. T-Mobile should take note of the value these three bring to the table and the critical role of providing clear, accurate info and support in its business services. Big shoutout to Joshua, Dennis, and Ivory: Your dedication, skill, and genuine care have been truly impressive. Thank you for the help! View on Google
Tony Hyler
Jan. 26, 2024, 5:25 p.m.
Amazing service from Jeremiah who helped me with everything I needed and had all the answers and information for me. View on Google

Additional information about T-Mobile Southlake Town Square

IDs Accepted

  • US State issued drivers license
  • US Passport or Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • State ID
  • International student visa with passport (Visa types: M, J, F)
  • Matricula Consular card (Mexico and most Latin American countries, check with your store mobile expert)
  • Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
  • US Military ID
T-Mobile Southlake Town Square

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