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Mary Jasper
Jan. 20, 2023, 5:52 p.m.
I am a senior citizen and I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile while doing my upgrade. The staff was very fast and knowledgeable. They explained to me what they were doing so I understood the process. I felt welcomed and respected in this store, they were patient with me and answered all my questions. Thank you Sophia and her manager Josue! View on Google
Matthew Jasper
Jan. 11, 2023, 2:05 a.m.
I must say that I have never upgraded my phones and phone plans and not had the experience take anything less than an hour. This trip was no different. Our situation was rather complex as we were upgrading 3 phones and adding 2 new lines of service. Most of our time was spent sarcastically teasing Josue and Sophia about their keystroke technique while we jokingly passed the time. Both were able to take some good hearted joking, and in the process saved us money on our plan, and found ways to navigate and solve many problems with the Sprint/T-Mobile competing systems. Our experience and the knowledge and professionalism was fantastic. View on Google
Jim Jasper
Jan. 11, 2023, 12:40 a.m.
I went in 2 different times within a week to buy 2 new phones. They were professional, polite and helpful in replacing/upgrading my phones, transferring the data, and answering questions along the way. They were busy the second day, and in my observation, were able to help all the customers while during some of the down time in my phone upgrade. I would totally recommend this location if you need any help. Thanks Sophia and Josue! View on Google
Mollie Haimann
Jan. 10, 2023, 6:56 p.m.
I would highly recommend this store. I had to move 2 lines from a business account to a family account. The staff was very quick, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Thank you Sophia and Josue! View on Google
Paul Walker
Jan. 9, 2023, 9:53 p.m.
They were very kind and helpful, I bought a new phone. Also very nice to show me how to do things on my new phone. They switched everything over from my old phone. Very happy, even though they were very crowded they took care of me very nicely. Thank you, Sophia. View on Google
T-Mobile S Naper Blvd & 75th St

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