Biometric Information Policy


T‑Mobile cares about your security and wants to protect you and us against fraud. T‑Mobile and our contractors may legally use voice recording, ID scanning, and facial recognition technology to verify your identity and safeguard your personal information as part of our security and fraud prevention efforts. This notice describes our collection and use of biometric data for these security and fraud prevention purposes.

When we refer to “biometric data,” we mean information about your physical or biological characteristics (some states call these “biometric identifiers”) that identify you. Information like eye, hand, or face scans, fingerprints, and voiceprints may be considered biometric data if they are being used to identify you. The definitions of biometric data vary under different states’ laws. For example, some states’ biometric laws don’t apply to driver’s license photos. Photos of you are not biometric data, but biometric data can be made from processing the photo.

How We Use Your Biometric Data

When we scan your ID or take your photo, we may use the image to create a “biometric identifier.” We also read other information from your ID. We use this information to verify that your ID is real and to prevent fraud. We may compare your photo on the ID with: (1) the photos when you visit T‑Mobile and/or (2) photos of persons that may have been involved in fraudulent transactions with T‑Mobile or other companies with photos we have collected in the past. We monitor transactions for instances of fraud and may use related information, including biometric data, to protect T‑Mobile and others.

Our Purpose For Collecting, Sharing, And Storing Your Biometric Data

T‑Mobile will not collect, use, or store your biometric data without your consent. Also, T‑Mobile will not sell, lease, trade or otherwise profit from your biometric data. We will only disclose your biometric data or share the data with our contractors to provide the products or services you request. When a valid legal request is made, we may also share the biometric data with law enforcement.

When you consent to the creation and use of your biometric facial signature through ID scan or other processes for fraud prevention purposes, we will keep your biometric data for one year after you terminate your relationship with T‑Mobile. However, if we determine that a transaction may involve fraud, we may keep the biometric data and supporting information longer, as the law allows. 

T‑Mobile will store, transmit, and protect your biometric data in a safe manner.

Your Privacy Choices

You may decline to have your ID scanned or photo taken, but this may mean we can’t protect you and your account from identity theft, and it may delay processing your requested transactions.

If you grant consent for one-time use of your biometric data or revoke consent, we will delete the biometric data.

You may revoke your consent at any time by calling T‑Mobile Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 (or 611) or by visiting a T‑Mobile retail location.