Family controls

While we don’t knowingly sell our services to minors, you can authorize a minor to use a device on your T‑Mobile or Metro by T‑Mobile account. Depending on the device brand and account type, we offer several features and apps designed to help you manage your family’s device use. There are also apps and services offered by third parties that may be useful in helping you manage your family’s online activities.

FamilyMode is a T‑Mobile-branded app that allows the primary account holder to monitor their family's internet access and use on the T‑Mobile cellular network and over any Wi-Fi connection. The app must be installed on the primary account holder’s device as well as the devices to be monitored. FamilyMode is compatible with Family Allowances, but it is not compatible with Web Guard or FamilyWhere (see below). More information on FamilyMode is available here.

Family Allowances® is an optional T‑Mobile-branded feature that allows the primary account holder to assign allowances for minutes, messages, and downloads to all lines on the account. You can set “Always Allowed” numbers to enable unlimited calling or texting and “Never Allowed®” numbers to restrict calling or texting. It also allows usage blocking during certain times of day. More information on Family Allowances is available here.

T‑Mobile FamilyWhere® is an optional T‑Mobile-branded feature, managed from or through the T‑Mobile branded FamilyWhere app (available only for Android devices), that allows the primary account holder to locate phones on your T‑Mobile account and review a seven-day log of location history. More information on FamilyWhere is available here.

Web Guard is a free service that the primary account holder can add to select lines on a T‑Mobile and Metro by T‑Mobile account to help restrict adult content from being accessed when connected to our cellular network. It doesn’t restrict content when browsing over WiFi or accessing content via an application, and it won’t block user-generated content such as instant messaging (IM), email, and text messages. Other limits apply. Web Guard isn't foolproof and isn’t a substitute for parents or other account holders taking steps to monitor access to content. More information on Web Guard is available here.

Contact a customer service representative any time with questions about any of T‑Mobile’s Family Controls.

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