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Our military plan gives veterans, service members, and their families all the benefits of T-Mobile ONE at a specially discounted price.

Included in the plan:

Unlimited talk, text, and data.
All on America’s Fastest Network.
Unlimited in Mexico & Canada.
Talk, text, and up to 5GB of 4G LTE data.
In-flight texting +1 hour of data.
On all Gogo®-enabled flights to, from, or within the U.S.
Mobile hotspot data included.
Keep all your devices connected at max 3G speeds.
Stream unlimited entertainment.
Video at DVD quality, 480p.
Taxes & fees included.
No surprise fees on your monthly plan bill.
Texting & data abroad.
Stay close to loved ones while traveling in 210+ countries and destinations.
Netflix on us.
Standard 2-screen subscription for almost any device, even TV.

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How to verify your military status.

First, activate your new T-Mobile ONE Military plan. Then, visit our military verification page to confirm your status before your first bill. You may be required to submit documentation showing your military affiliation.

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After activating or switching to T-Mobile ONE Military, you’ll need to verify your military status. Ensure that the military person or Gold Star family member, is designated as the primary account holder. For active duty military members who are deployed, a spouse or family member can also verify eligibility.

To verify military status, either visit a T-Mobile retail store and one of our retail experts will walk you through the process, or follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the military verification page at t-mobile.com/military/verification.
  2. Log in by entering your T-Mobile Phone Number and Account PIN.
  3. Enter details into the required fields for the military member. If the name field does not show the military member's name and you cannot change it, you'll need to contact us to update the billing-responsible party's name on your account to get this offer.
  4. Select Verify and Continue. Note: T-Mobile for Business customers, excluding Individual Sole Proprietors, will be required to upload additional documentation to verify eligibility.

The validation process typically happens in a few quick steps and takes less than 10 minutes. You will have 45 days from plan activation to verify your eligible military status or you will be moved to T-Mobile ONE with no military discount, which will result in a price increase of up to $20/line per month.

In some cases, you may be asked to provide additional details to verify your eligibility (such as Business customers with account type "B"). If further information is required, you’ll be notified right away, and will need to upload documents confirming your military status to complete your verification. The information provided is used solely for validation of status and is destroyed after validation. A confirmation of your validation status will be sent to you via email within 48 hours.

T-Mobile will accept the following documents for verification:

Active Duty

  • Leave and Earnings Statement
  • Orders
  • Power of Attorney


  • Leave and Earnings Statement
  • Orders
  • NGB 23 (National Guard Retirement Points Summary Statement)
  • Retirement Points Statement


  • DD214
  • NGB 22 (National Guard Report of Separation of Military Service)
  • Honorable Discharge Certificate
  • Some states list veteran status on their driver’s license
  • Veterans Affairs ID Card
  • VA form 26-1880


  • DD214
  • Official letter
  • NGB 23 (National Guard Retirement Points Summary Statement)
  • Retirement Certificate

Gold Star Families

  • DD1300 (Usually Gold Star family members maintain their registered dependent status after their military sponsor has passed away and will have documentation to show that they’re a registered dependent)

Note: Before uploading the document, please ensure first and last name, dates, and service/discharge status are legible, but please omit, cover up, or black out any sensitive information such as Social Security Number, Military ID Number, etc. Acceptable file formats are .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, or .pdf.