Use your business lines to save on your family lines.

Have a T-Mobile business line? Then you can get up to $40 off your first two lines on our Magenta® family plan. Nice work.

Here’s the pricing rundown.

You pay just $55 for your first personal line on a Magenta family plan, instead of $75. That’s $20 off a personal plan. And when you need more lines for your family, you can get up to a total of $40 off.

Save $20

Your first family line is $55/mo. with AutoPay.

Compared to $75 on a Magenta family plan with AutoPay without the Business Family Discount.

Save Another $20

Your second line is $35/mo. with AutoPay.

That’s $90, compared to $130 on a Magenta family plan without the Business Family Discount.

Ready to cash in? Here’s how it works.

Getting started is easy. Just have your personal information handy along with your company paid T-Mobile number, then simply follow these steps.

Get a Magenta plan for your family.

Sign up for the discount.

Start saving!

Once you enroll and your eligibility is confirmed, you’ll receive a monthly discount on your next month’s family bill and each month going forward.

Get your family set up today

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