Save time and avoid fees.

Setting up your own payment arrangement is quick and easy in the T-Mobile app or online.

Make your payment arrangement on the T-Mobile app.

Watch the video to learn how to set up, edit, and view the status of your payment arrangement.

Or set up your payment arrangement on My T-Mobile.

Visit My T-Mobile.

Click "PAY BILL."

Click "Make a payment arrangement."

Submit your payment info and you're done.

Important notes on payment arrangements

Determining eligibility

Payment arrangements are available only to certain customers who need assistance in paying their bill – late fees may still apply.

Past-due accounts

If your account is 31 days or more past due, then you must pay the 31+ days past due amount before you can set up a payment arrangement.

Customer service help

Setting up a payment arrangement is simple and free through the T-Mobile app or on My T-Mobile. If you would rather have a customer service representative set it up for you, there’s an $8 payment support fee that will appear on your next bill.

Cancellations and changes

You can change or add a secured payment method to your payment arrangement in the T-Mobile app or on My T-Mobile; however, once a payment arrangement has been set up, the payment dates cannot be changed. If your payment arrangement is cancelled or payments fail, then your account could be immediately suspended. Please make sure you can fulfill the payment terms before submitting.