News Unauthorized Porting: Protect Your Account

At T-Mobile, keeping customer accounts secure is a top priority. Unfortunately, we are seeing instances of unauthorized porting, an industry-wide fraud scheme that is continuing to put some consumers at risk. Unauthorized porting is where fraudsters try to take over and transfer a phone number from one provider to another to attempt to compromise personal bank accounts. While this effort has continued to become more widespread across wireless providers, fortunately the number of impacted consumers remains small. T-Mobile continues to take steps to add new security measures to protect customer accounts, and we highly encourage customers to take some additional steps to enable the security features we have available:

  • Add port validation to their account, which requires them to create an additional 6-to-15 digit password that must be validated by the new carrier before the number is ported out. We encourage customers to select such a PIN of their own choosing by calling T-Mobile to add this feature.
  • If you have these security measures in place but still have concerns, you may consider checking with your bank to see if there is an alternative to using text for PIN authentication, such as email.
  • Additionally, to continue to develop solutions to this industry-wide issue, we are participating with the major carriers in the Mobile Authentication Taskforce.

Customers can contact T-Mobile Care by dialing 611 from their T-Mobile phone or 1-800-937-8997 from any phone.

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