How I Learned What Value Really Means to Sprint Customers in Southern California

February 16, 2015
By Kathleen Dunleavy, Sprint, Communications Manager

I was reading a recent article on the Sprint newsroom about how to save money on one’s monthly wireless expenses and was struck by a jaw-dropping statistic:  44.5% of wireless users who are thinking of changing their service provider cite cost savings/better deal from another provider as the main motivating factor.[i]

If the cost of one’s wireless bill is indeed so critical to the choices people make about their carrier, I wanted to “gut-check” what value – not just price – really means to Sprint customers in Southern California (I chose L.A. because it is where I am based).  

This line of questioning seemed especially important in light of Sprint’s most recent promotion, which offers to cut bill in half for Verizon and AT&T customers who switch to Sprint.  
So, I talked to a handful of Sprint store managers and Sprint customers and here’s what I found:

Gilbert Flores, store manager, La Cienega Sprint store
We are really seeing a lot of interested Verizon and AT&T customers come in the door and they want to save money. In particular, people who have non-smartphones from Verizon really want to switch. Regarding the Cut Your Bill Event promotion, sometimes, customers find that one of our existing plans is even better for them. For example, customers enjoy the 20GB plan because…some are paying ridiculous amounts on their monthly bill.”

Rafael Mancera, store manager, City of Commerce Sprint store
I listen to customers – especially Verizon and AT&T customers. One of the questions they ask is, ‘Has Sprint improved its network?’ They are interested in the Cut Your Bill in Half Event and I explain our network is better in the local area and show them what Sprint coverage looks like near where they live, work and play. It can really make for a compelling offer.”

What customers at AT&T and Verizon are paying is usually much more expensive than if they switched to Sprint. And we deliver great service for the lower price.”

Erik Krause, Sprint customer, Glendale
My family and I have the unlimited package – which was the main appeal. We didn’t really look around a bunch. But, the key thing was data – I like to watch ESPN on my phone, so I use a lot of data. I was with AT&T at the time. Sprint was a better value.”

Tricia Hawkins, Sprint customer, Palos Verdes
When I first moved to Palos Verdes, Sprint was the only carrier that offered good network service. This was 10 years ago and I had been an AT&T customer. Now, there is no compelling reason to leave Sprint. They offer good prices, plans and we enjoy a shared family plan for all of our needs. And, my daughter got a great deal on Virgin Mobile – a fantastic value for a young person who loves data!”

Gayle Windrum Peck, Sprint customer, Encino
“When we signed up for Sprint, we wanted a better network with fewer dropped calls plus a good price incentive. I literally use my smartphone as a PC away from home – and, with unlimited data, I don’t have to worry. I work for a video production company. Sometimes we have had to review scripts, review photos and even upload photo stills to our website or social media. It makes it worth it.

So value is about more than price – network, reliability, unlimited data plans, customer service and peace of mind all play a part in our customers’ choices. Good to know!