Important notice: violation of our Terms and Conditions will result in losing your current promotional plan and access to our Unlimited 4G LTE plans for the violating line.

Our Unlimited 4G LTE on your smartphone plan includes a set amount of 4G LTE data that can be used for Smartphone Mobile HotSpot to share your phone’s internet with other devices. Once that data is exhausted you can continue to enjoy unlimited 4G LTE data on your smartphone only, plus use Smartphone Mobile HotSpot at up to 2G speeds for the remainder of your bill cycle. Some users bypass plan limits in order to receive more 4G LTE Smartphone Mobile HotSpot data than they paid for, continuing to service devices other than their smartphones. This violates T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions and can also negatively impact the experience for other customers. In these cases, we will take steps to ensure that our Terms and Conditions are not abused.

Our systems have detected that the line on your account referenced in the SMS message you received has significantly exceeded the high-speed Smartphone Mobile HotSpot limit on its plan by bypassing HotSpot metering. This activity violates T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions.

What happens if the line continues at any time to violate our Terms & Conditions in this way:

  • This account would be moved from the promotional 2 for $100 Unlimited 4G LTE on your smartphone family plan to our standard Simple Choice family plan.
  • Each line on your new data plan would receive up to 2GB of 4G LTE data which could be used on your smartphone or other devices via Smartphone Mobile HotSpot. A monthly rate plan cost savings of at least $10 would be reflected on your future bill.
  • If this move were to occur in the middle of your bill cycle and you have already used more than 2GB of high-speed data for that bill cycle, you will immediately experience reduced data speed, up to 128kbps, until the start of your next bill cycle.
  • You would no longer be eligible for features or feature discounts for which an unlimited on-smartphone LTE plan is required.
  • You would have the choice to increase your data plan to one that best fits your needs at any time via the T-Mobile app on your phone, logging into, or calling 1-877-275-1735 FREE Monday-Friday between the hours of 5am and 5pm PST. However, the violating line would no longer be permitted to be on a plan with unlimited 4G LTE on-smartphone data. Any attempt to switch that line back to such a plan would be systematically blocked.
  • Please note that if you decide to cancel your service and this line has an existing EIP (Equipment Installment Plan) or lease balance, it would be charged in full on your final bill.

T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions

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