A pet GPS tracker for peace of mind.

SyncUP PETS™ connected by T-Mobile

Help keep your dogs, cats, and other animals safe with a pet GPS tracker that determines location, monitors activity, and sends alerts—all through the app.

Key features for pet parents.

Track on our network.

Keep an eye on location with an attachable device that connects to our Narrowband IoT network and sends updates to the app. See coverage.

See location.

Open the app for a Google Maps view, and walking or driving directions to the device’s whereabouts.

Monitor activity levels.

Get in-app wellness reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and set goals to help keep pets healthy.

Set Safe Zones.

Designate free-to-roam areas in the app and get notified when the tracker enters or leaves.

How does it work?

Attach the tracking device to your pet’s collar.

The water-resistant tracker comes with bands and a collar mount to secure the device, plus charging accessories to keep it powered.

Use the SyncUP PETS app to create up to 8 pet profiles.

In each profile you can see and share location, define separate Safe Zones, and monitor activity.

Keep tabs on your pets.

Get SyncUP PETS for $96, or $4/month on a monthly payment plan.

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